A little about me....

Raised as a LA Native – fashion, beauty, and entertainment have been in my life since I could walk.  I remember my first pair of red “heels” when I was 5.  I forced my mom to get me the matching red purse.  I slept with those heels on for 3 weeks and wore the heels and purse to a birthday party.  I ended up losing the bag but long story short, my parents realized I was a tiny fashionista in the making… although, not the most responsible at 5.

Fast forward 20-something years and nothing has changed.  I earned a journalism degree, wrote for websites like Tyra Banks and Examiner, had a stint in Miss CA USA, and have conquered hundreds of red carpets... yet the passion for style is still simmering on in me.  Thankfully, I’ve stopped losing my bags!

In 2017, I was a part of something that changed my entire life.  I realized what was important and what I needed to change. Giving back is something I have always been passionate about but didn’t know how to tie in full-time with my life. So this is my new journey to doing just that. Fashion, Beauty, and the good in humanity.

You can usually find me writing, posting, or cuddling my pup. Send me a line on Twitter and Instagram.