A little about me....


“Everything happens for a reason.”  It’s an age old quote and it seems to be used at the worst of times. I, too, have genuinely said this to countless people who were going through a tough time. I believed it when I said it.

Maybe “for a reason” isn’t the best way to put it. I’d like to now believe that there can be a greater purpose to a tragedy. 

Nothing will change the fact that thousands of lives were horrendously effected on October 1, 2017.  Thousands of people are suffering every day since the horrific event took place in Las Vegas.  They call us “survivors,” but what now? How do we honor the 58 lives that were tragically lost? We do just that.  We honor them. We live our absolute best life with purpose.  

This is my journey. The journey of finding peace within by shining a light on the good that is in this world. Scratch that. The great that is in this world.  I realized what was important and what I needed to change. Giving back is something I have always been passionate about but didn’t know how to tie in full-time with my life.

Follow me on this journey as we explore brands, people, and communities doing incredible things for incredible causes.  This is the place for companies and organizations that give and take a stand... for a greater purpose.

You can usually find me writing, posting, or cuddling my pup. Send me a line on Twitter and Instagram.