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A Project with Soul

A Project with Soul

I am OBSESSED with cereal.  No, really - there are currently 16 boxes of wheat, whole grain, chocolatey, crispy, fibery, and nutty boxes staring at me from the top of the fridge and my counter as I sit here writing this.  Is this normal?

It's good but I have to admit, it's not the most satisfying meal in the world, especially on those cold mornings before I am fully awake.  

My only alternative so far has been those bland or overly sweet oatmeal packets that I have just never been a fan of.  That’s why I was thrilled to learn about TSP - The Soulfull Project - a company that not only makes delicious hot cereals with flavors like tart cherry, blueberry almond, brown sugar pecan (my favorite), and cinnamon spice (my other favorite), but they also give back to the community.  And by now, you know I love that sort of thing.


TSP incorporates wholesome oats and nutrient-dense ingredients.  Health-junkie favorites like quinoa, flax, and chia are some of the delish ingredients.  The cereals are also Non-GMO Project verified, Whole Grain Stamp approved, and don't have those not-so-mother-approved artificial flavors or colors.  I think I’ll put the marshmallow rainbows away now.

Although the cereals have tons of flavor and nutrients, that’s not their main focus.  TSP not only makes a really great breakfast dish I can swear by, but does it all while giving back to struggling families.

Check, check, and checkmate.

‘You Buy One - We Give One.’

It’s literally printed on their packaging.  The Soulfull Project is a mission-focused startup that launched in August 2016.  Almost two years later, they have donated more than 650-THOUSAND servings to family around the country - and they aren’t quitting yet.  TSP is on a mission to donate 1-MILLION servings of hot cereal by 2019.

The founders, a group of food industry vets, were deeply moved when they visited homes across the country as part of an initiative to learn what people across America are eating and whether they try to eat healthy.

TSP co-founder, Chip Heim

TSP co-founder, Chip Heim

“We came across a family that had nothing in their cabinets.  Not even an old can in the pantry. We made a promise to ourselves that we would do something that would make an impact,” said TSP co-founder, Chip Heim.

The founders witnessed many families struggling to put food on the table and feed their families.  This can happen to anyone.

“Food insecure households are not struggling all the time.  Limited hours, changes in employment status, and low incomes are some of the common challenges they face.  It doesn’t just affect the homeless,” said Heim.

*Disclaimer:  @Pretzelthepupp  did not eat any of the hot cereals.  Although, she really wanted some. 

*Disclaimer: @Pretzelthepupp did not eat any of the hot cereals.  Although, she really wanted some. 

You can get The Soulfull Project hot cereals online at Amazon.com, through The Soulfull Project website, or through store retailers like Berkeley Bowl, Earth Fare, Jewel-Osco, Wegmans, Central Market, Fred Meyer, Giant, Shaw’s, and Stop & Shop.  Smile while you’re having breakfast, because while you're eating, a family in need is eating as well.

One of the greatest aspects of TSP is that it allows you to have an impact on your very own community.  For every serving of TSP’s hot cereals purchased, they donate a serving of one of 4 Grain Blend hot cereals to a food bank located in the purchaser’s region.  TSP works with more than 200 food banks across the country. You could be helping your own neighbor!

“Our mission is personal to us, so it’s important that we make our relationships with the food banks personal, as well.  We spend time getting to know the volunteers and folks who run the food banks, in addition to spending time volunteering ourselves,” explained Heim.

TSP 4.jpg

The Soulfull Project is nearly halfway to their goal of feeding 1-million people with healthy and delicious hot cereals.  A spoonful of cereal from TSP is a spoonful of good quality and healthy food for someone who needs it.  I don't know about you but I'm going to get a few more spoonfuls...

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