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Red Cross Honors the Chargers

Red Cross Honors the Chargers


After October 1st, I saw how incredibly important the Red Cross is.  You always hear about it, but not many (thankfully) get to witness it first hand.  So many victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas needed blood to survive, and the Red Cross was right there.  Incredible amounts of people lined up around blocks to help save lives, one pint at a time.  I have a very special place in my heart for the Red Cross and I was honored to be invited to this incredible event. 


The American Red Cross held their 2nd Annual Humanitarian Celebration at the Los Angeles Skirball Cultural Center.  The Center is a mere 1000 feet away from the December 2017 fire that affected so many lives.  The people who jumped in to help those affected were the ones ready to celebrate the spirit of giving back.


The Red Cross honored the Los Angeles Chargers for their humanitarian efforts as an organization.  Although it was their first year as an NFL team in LA, they kicked butt off the field and showed everyone what giving back is all about by helping in times of need.  There were so many natural disasters in LA last year and the Chargers were no strangers to the Red Cross.  Aside from donating individually, they worked to raise funds as a team and encouraged the team’s fans to join them with financial support for LA’s neighbors affected by tragedies.  Talk about paying it forward.

Great celebrities came out to enjoy the night and raved about how much the Red Cross means to them.  Germany Kent of The Real Housewives of Atlanta talked about her personal experience with the Red Cross after surviving a flood.  James DuMont from Stranger Things talked about being from New Orleans and seeing the impact the Red Cross makes first hand.  Other stars joined them, including Byrd the Bailiff from Judge Judy and Celeste Thorson from Unsolved, among many others.

Check out the video to see why everyone wants to support the Red Cross.

It doesn’t matter if you donate $1, $500, or go to the Red Cross to donate blood, because every single gesture counts.  Giving Day is coming up on March 28, so DONATE NOW!

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