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3rd Annual City Gala

3rd Annual City Gala

It wasn’t just awards night for the Oscars!  On Sunday night, the 2018 City Gala went off without a hitch.  Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey was the honoree for this year’s event and accepted the 2018 Inspiration Honoree Award.  On stage, he answered questions from Gala founder, Ryan Long. 

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When asked what he is most thankful for, McConaughey talked about his 3 kids and wife Camila Alves. 

“...and my wife Camila, Who doesn’t want to change me.”

Super sweet words from the Texan.  Surely showing off that southern charm. 

Long explained to me why McConaughey, founder of Just Keep Livin’, was the perfect recipient for this year’s event. 

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“There is this one commencement speech where [McConaughey] starts talking about his inspirations and his life and he is so motivational. I loved it. I loved every minute of it.”

Celebrities from all walks of life showed up, including Black Panther actress Carrie Bernans.  She opened up with me about why giving back is so important. 

“I remember a time for 2 years where all the clothes I had were hand-me-downs. The Target Foundation gave me a $500 shopping spree through the YMCA. When I had that experience, I was so emotional.” 

Everyone knows the power of giving back. That’s what makes being able to so special. With so many organizations to work with, the City Gala proves it can be done. 


Here is a list of the foundations from this year’s City Gala:

Conscious Capitalism

Project NOW

Fire Life

My Life My Power

Brilliant Futures Foundation

The Child Liberation Foundation

Already Always Amazing

Fulfilled Families

Feed a Billion

Red Cross Honors the Chargers

Red Cross Honors the Chargers

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