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Screw Perfect

Screw Perfect

My theme for this spring is to be brave and to take the steps necessary to do what I set out to do and achieve goals it has taken me years to realize. I wanted to blog for years, but for so long, I couldn’t find the courage to do it. I didn’t know what my message would be and how my posts could be different from the dozens of other bloggers who are my own inspiration.  Then, one day it came to me. For a split second I thought, ‘What if it’s not about what anyone thought, but about doing what I wanted to do? What if I gathered up all my courage and decided to be, unabashedly, without hesitation, unnervingly just me?’

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That split second of revelation ended up becoming something I love doing.  You have to find your inner strength to get what you want, because believe me, nothing worthwhile gets handed to anyone.  Even if you’ve gotten started already, sometimes keeping it going is the hardest part. Whenever that little, creepy, ugly morsel called doubt creeps into my shoots, for example, I lean in my own little reminders to tell myself “I’ve got this.”

One of those reminders is Asha Blooms.  Asha means 'hope' in Hindi and 'life' in Swahili.  Their jewelry pieces give me life! Their I Am Brave necklace with its agate gemstone is beyond my usual casual style but it’s energy called to me the instant I saw it.  The moment I put it on, I felt it.


There is something about wearing a piece that carries the natural energy of Mother Earth with it.  I felt the stone give me that oomph to not be afraid of anything.  It’s a definite statement piece. The colors in the stone reflect the blue ocean and agate promotes inner strength and helps keep you energized and empowered… yes, yes, yes! Wearing this piece is a reminder to speak my truth, even if none of it is perfect.

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Asha Blooms doesn’t just promote power and strength, they promote giving back.  The brand donates a portion of all sales to 2 nonprofits, Washington Women in Need and Global Girls Alliance.  Washington Women in Need empowers women to make their own choices and design their own futures. Global Girls Alliance, a program of the Obama Foundation, empowers adolescent girls around the world through education.  These organizations are the groundwork for our future women leaders. Asha Blooms doesn’t just make the jewelry that makes you feel a certain way, it does the work to make a difference.

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Asha Blooms has two collections, ‘I Am’ and ‘You Are’.  The You Are pieces are designed with their own beautiful meanings and make amazing gifts for those in your life who need a little reminder for that they are great.  I am know to give thoughtful gifts, and these pieces are usually at the top of my list. Some of my favorites include You Are Still Standing, You Are Not Alone, and One Day At a Time.


Asha Bloom’s pieces are known as positive intention jewelry.  Each piece has an intention, and part of it is to let you know, you matter.

“Surround yourself with beauty to let your

inner light shine.”

- Carol Gavhane, Founder of Asha Blooms

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