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Mom's New BFF

Mom's New BFF

A few years ago, adulthood hit me like a ton of bricks when I was scrolling my Insta feed and all I saw were wedding posts.  Now, imagine how I’m feeling when I scroll and it’s adorable baby after adorable baby posts. I love seeing everyone’s babies, but whoa baby… this adulting stuff is getting serious!

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One of my favorite feelings in the world is seeing a momma celebrate her first Mother’s Day.  It’s something not everyone gets to celebrate and the first one must be incredibly special. These days, new mommas are not like older generation moms, they are constantly on-the-go. Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 12, just in case), and I’ve found the perfect gift, especially for all of the new moms!


Handbags are essential for every woman, but once there’s a baby in the equation, the more things you can fit in your bag, the better.  Gone are the days of the giant bulky baby bags. It’s time to chic it up a little. Enter SportsChic. This bag does everything!!!

Aside from the gorgeous vegan leather, stunning colors available, and comfortable straps and fit, the SportsChic handbag has thermal pockets that keep your drink hot or cold -- coffee, baby formula, smoothies, or my choice… a bottle of bubbly.  It’s big enough for a rolled up yoga mat, but the size isn’t overwhelming on the body. I’m 5’5, and I can carry this bag anywhere.


I usually carry my oversized wallet, a lipgloss, a compact mirror, and my phone in my handbags, and it ends up being way too heavy for all-day use.  The SportsChic bag is lightweight and I shoved everything in there… full makeup bag, sunglasses with the case, a bottle of water, my keys, mirror, and even a pair of flats.  I was ready to go from brunch to wherever the day took me without having to worry about anything, and it wasn’t a burden on my shoulder. I especially love the outer pockets for easy access to my phone. The interior features a waterproof and stain resistant black nylon, making it safe for spills and so easy to clean.


I’m obsessed with the pink color for spring and summer, but if you want to keep it more neutral, the metallics are ridiculously gorgeous, as are the more muted Black Moon and Midnight colors.


SportsChic is female owned -- heck yes -- and they’re giving back to an important cause.  SportsChic donates products to breast cancer survivors at the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Journey To Wellness Program, Upward Bound House in Santa Monica, the Boys and Girls Club of Venice, and to various women’s shelters. I’m in LA, so you know I’m loving all of the local support.  


The SportsChic Ultimate Mom Tote is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.  New mom, pro-mom, or mom on-the-go, this is going to be their go-to bag.  


“Two words - ‘Easy Access.’ This bag carries mom everywhere from yoga to work to date night and travels like a boss with style and functionality.”

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