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A Little Nutty

A Little Nutty

It’s no secret I love to snack.  By now, I think I’ve mastered the art.  However, when I run out of healthy snacks, I tend to binge on the unhealthy stuff.  And with that, comes a little extra weight. I call it my safety net… in case I fall or something.

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No matter what I call the extra somethin’ somethin’ I’ve put on, it’s not helping me fit into my current wardrobe, so it’s time to get it together.  I love snacking on nuts, but most of them like cashews and peanuts will either give me horrible breakouts or just make me feel blah. I saw a new nut called Barùkas on my Facebook page feed and decided I’d be adventurous.

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This stuff is so flipping good! At first taste, it’s like OK… this is not bad.  Then I realize I’ve had a fourth of the bag and it’s time to stop. Barùkas are addictive and not salty where it makes me thirsty, but has a hint of a smoky flavor.  Yep, I’m eating them as I type this… obviously.

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Let’s get to the science behind these unusual nuts.  I’d actually never seen or heard of Barùkas before, so with a little bit of research, I learned they come from Baruzeiro trees in South America and are one of the healthiest nuts you can eat.  If you’re a calorie counter, these guys have 25% fewer fat calories than other nuts, 6 grams of protein (hello, Keto!), the highest fiber of all the nuts, and over 3x more antioxidant power than other nuts, even almonds!  And on top of all that, they’re loaded with top micronutrients like magnesium. Is this considered a meal, because I found my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Barùkas are great for you and all, but they’re also great for the planet.  Barùkas plants one Baruzeiro tree for every 5 pounds of Barùkas nuts sold. They have a goal of planting 20 million trees in the Brazilian Cerrado.  The Brazilian Cerrado is an ecoregion of Brazil and is being destroyed faster than any other biome on the planet. The Brazilian Cerrado covers 20% of Brazil, or in other words, 3 times the size of Texas.  The more you know…

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The more Barùkas nuts we buy, the more we can continue to buy.  This sounds like a win-win to me! If it’s good for one of my favorite country music artists, Kenny Chesney… it’s good for me.

“I really love Barùkas.  I have them at home and on tour with me always. They are a great source of protein for me when I’m eating really clean and training hard to go on the road all summer.”

-Kenny Chesney

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