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Keepin' it Misty

Keepin' it Misty

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.  So, when he posted on Instagram about the importance of preserving our rainforests, I had to do some research so when the day comes when we’re having dinner together, I can impress his socks off… yep, a girl with substance.

As I dove deep into the Amazon, going from site to site, I came across a brand who is doing everything to protect the Amazonia against loggers, miners, and oil companies.  Leo would love this. Best part was, all of this was done by a skincare brand!

DSC_7373 copy.jpg

Amazon Mist has everything from coffee scrubs and moisturizers, to lip balms and hydrating facial sprays.  I love being outdoors. However, lately it has been freezing and my skin is not used to the dry weather.

Amazon Mist’s Tropical Butter Creme is everything! It goes on super smooth and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or with hard to blend white-streaks. It’s infused with 98% vitamin-enriched botanical ingredients, along with shea and cocoa butter, and antioxidants from green tea and vitamins E and C.  Of course, it’s also cruelty free.

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One of the things that won me over… the Butter Creme is scentless! No more fruity scents fighting with my perfume to see who is more powerful.  I absolutely loved putting it all over and not having to worry about a weird or floral smell.

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I also tried out the lip balms and I am loving it.  I actually forgot to put it on and ended up putting it over my matte lip gloss.  No problemo! It went on beautifully and gave my lips a bit of a sheen. It definitely helps since the matte glosses always tend to dry out my lips.  Yes, I wear lipgloss when I hike. What if I run into Leo? It is LA, afterall.

DSC_7399-2 copy.jpg

I loved the Acai Lip Balm.  Another fantastic cruelty free product in the Amazon Mist brand.  It contains oils and shea butter, and it lasted for hours! We finished the hike and my lipgloss was poppin’. I tried it later in the day without any lipgloss on, and I loved the way it made my lips feel.  I’m wearing it now and completely feel the difference in my lips… so soft!

Amazon Mist gives back with each of their products.  For example, the lip balms preserve 2,000 square feet of the Amazon rainforest.  The Tropical Butter Creme preserves 6,200 square feet per purchase! Amazon Mist compensates their “field partners” who protect the rainforests and help the ecosystem thrive.


Every single minute, a rainforest area equal to 50 football fields is destroyed by logging, oil exploitation, intensive agriculture, and cattling.  The native leaders and people living in these areas are killed, averaging 2 people every week. These are the people trying to save their communities.

“Empowering these true heroes certainly allows us to make a real difference by doing good.”

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