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Nobl Care

Nobl Care

I used to travel for work and now I travel for pleasure, so I’m basically queen of packing.  I take outfit photos for every outfit on my trip, so when I’m there, it takes 0 effort to get dressed.  The hubs loves how fast I get ready, too.  


The only thing I still stress about is my toiletries.  My bath and skincare products take up more space than my clothes and shoes combined (OMG), and on top of the space, they make my bag SO heavy.  I don’t have the patience to get travel bottles and fill them up and my products are really good quality, so I don’t want to just purchase regular ol’ travel sized products.  This seriously turns me into panic mode.  


Breathe in Nobl St…. Breathe out relaxation.  Problem solved. Nobl St is my new go-to for skincare and bath products.  My favorite thing is their Travel Set. It includes a moisturizing lotion, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner all perfectly petite for travel.  It makes packing so easy because it even comes with a clear zippered bag. I don’t even have to worry about anything opening and spilling all over my clothes because it’s protected. 


The quality of the Nobl St products are amazing.  No, I’m not a toiletry snob. Here’s the thing… My hair has been bleached and dyed a million different times, so really good shampoo is an absolute must.  I love that Nobl St’s Everyday Shampoo is organic, natural, and free from paraben and sulfates.  It actually smells minty fresh, as if my hair had teeth and it just brushed… too far? The best part is that it’s safe for color-treated hair.  Ding ding ding!


The Gentle Body Wash is just as good.  The scent of the body wash is Mint, Fir, and Cedar… from the Pacific Northwest, Port Orford Cedarwood!  Nobl St isn’t messing around. No artificial fragrances here. 


I’m also loving the lotion.  Lavender is my favorite scent, but this Nobl St body lotion isn’t overpowering. It’s just a hint of enough lavender to make you smile.  I have lotion in every nook and cranny in my house. I wash my hands a million times a day.  I love putting on the Moisturizing Body Lotion because it keeps my skin soft for most of the day, even after washing.  It’s not greasy or hard to blend, either.  The hubs prefers the unscented lotion, so he gets his own Nobl St bottle.

I use the Nobl St lotion all over.  I love that the Travel Set includes the lotion because who wants to pack a huge ol’ bottle for a trip? It’s also perfect to leave in the car. 


Nobl St built a brand based on quality.  They were inspired by the Pacific coastline and evergreen forests, infusing nature into each product with essential oils and plant and herbal extracts.  Their simple and classy packaging proves they are dedicated to what’s on the inside rather than merely the outside. The Portland brand is partnered with 1% for the Planet.  Their concern for the planet and climate change is a priority.  That is why they donate 1% of annual sales to support nonprofit organizations focused on the environment.  

“Our philosophy is simple. Our ingredients are natural. The combination is perfect.”



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