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But First, Pizza

But First, Pizza

Pizza is life.  If you don’t agree then we can’t be friends.  It’s my life’s motto. It also might be the reason I gained over 10 pounds last fall when I decide to become a pescatarian and would pop “veggie” pizzas in the oven but end up eating the whole thing.  My life was carbs, carbs galore!

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In the start of the new year, I made a resolution to give up one of life’s greatest joys... my beloved pizza.  The bread was doing nothing for my hips. As I went on with my days, dreaming about a slice of cheesy goodness, I discovered God’s greatest gift to mankind.  Pizza enthusiasts rejoice!

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Cali’Flour Foods was created for people like me who struggle with an addiction we can’t break, and their Cauliflower Pizza has lessened the guilt.  When creator Amy Lacey was diagnosed with Lupus, she knew she had to think and eat healthy. However, she didn’t want to give up the tasty foods she loved. 

“I love that I have an authentic, clean product with REAL, fresh ingredients,” says Amy.  “Being that I have an illness that is directly impacted by the food I eat, I love that I can impact others like me and allow them to enjoy delicious food that doesn't include fillers, sugar, xantham gum, and other inflammation causing ingredients.”  

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Cauliflower Pizza is a low carb, sugar free, gluten free, guilt free, no nonsense delicious meal.  The bundle packs have 3, 5, or 6 pizza crust boxes with 2 in each box.  The starter packs even come with The Perfect Pizza Pan to help bake the crust perfectly!  Amazon is currently selling the sold out bundle packs.

The crusts are thin, yet filled with so much flavor you barely have to add toppings.  I tried out the 3 Pack- Low Carb Starter and whoa baby were they delicious.  I was with a group of 8 and we devoured those pizzas in a heartbeat, but it was enough for all of us to be satisfied.

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I made a few of the crusts with red sauce and a few with white.  I added pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and cilantro. I actually want to try my next batch without any sauce or toppings and create a dip.  The crusts are already flavored and they are a perfect blend of Italian, Sweet Red Pepper, and Spicy Jalapeno.

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I can go on and on about the flavor and how these pizza crusts are utter perfection, but Cali’Flour Foods went over and beyond when they created Cali’flour Cares.  Amy’s struggle with Lupus inspired her to create Cali’flour Cares, an online store that sells merchandise like t-shirts, tanks, and fair trade Apolis bags. 100% of proceeds from the sales are donated to organizations like the Lupus Foundation and The Mentoring Project, an organization Amy is passionate about because growing up without a father figure caused insecurities that Amy says could have been avoided had she had a support group like The Mentoring Project.  

“Supporting the Lupus Foundation is extremely important to me as I believe research and education are number one in curing anything,” says Amy.  “I also believe there are a great deal of issues that can be controlled with sound diet changes, hence the creation of Cali'Flour Foods.”

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Cali’Flour Foods even donates $10,000 a month to an employee’s charity of choice. Talk about workplace benefits!

“Throughout my life, I have been given so much by different people.  Their impact in my life has made me excited at the opportunity to pay it forward,” explains Amy.  “When I don't have anything, I will give my time, and when I have money, I will give both time and money.”

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Cali’Flour Foods has recently come out with a penne pasta that will blow your mind.  It contains 2 ingredients, cauliflower and yellow lentil.  Less carbs, more protein, and more fiber than the average pasta.  Sorry, but it’s time you get rid of all those boxes of jo-schmo’s pasta... Your high school jeans will thank you for it.

“This company has taught me how to overcome so many obstacles.  “The Obstacle is the Way” is one of my favorite books and it's so true that you have to persevere through the hard times,” says Amy.  “There are a lot of highs and lows in this industry and not a lot in between so you constantly just have to push forward.”

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Cali’Flour Foods is continuing to grow and create more delicious items that won’t be harmful to your body.  They started with a simple mission and now their passion for doing good is cauli-flowering.

"If cauliflower can become a pizza, you my friend can become anything." - Amy Lacey

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