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Thirst For More

Thirst For More

I don't drink enough water. Living in Los Angeles, there’s one thing you need to make sure you do - HYDRATE. Even though I know the benefits like keeping you full longer, having glowing skin, and feeling great, between the coffee and being so busy, the idea of water just seems so time consuming. Until I realized water is something we seriously take for granted.  

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More than 700-million people wake up every single day without any water to drink.  That's NONE. When I started doing the research, I was really shocked at the number.  That’s why I am glad GIVN Water is doing their part to help make sure everyone across the world can quench their thirst and that's why I wanted to help them ‘give the good.’

“We believe it should be easy for the everyday person to do good,” explains Liz Skalla, VP of GIVN Water. “So we turn items that you already buy, everyday products, and turn them into ways to do good for the world. Our first product is a bottled water.”

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Every single bottle of GIVN Water supplies an entire day of water for someone in need.  That’s 24-hours of available water that wasn’t accessible before. A single bottle. How many bottles of water do you drink a day?  I know people who drink 4-6 bottles every single day, so that’s almost a week’s worth of water for someone in need!

“We believe that people thirst for more and wanted to make it easy for them to make better purchasing decisions. Every voice matters, and together we can make a true impact on the world,” says Liz.

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It’s not just GIVN Water’s company motto that's good, the water is, too. It is sourced regionally from North American Springs, and is filled with natural electrolytes. The pH balance is pure at 7.9.  Just to get a sense of what that means, most tap water pH is at about 7.0, and most “smartly” advertised bottles come in between 6.6 and 7.2.  GIVN is just better... like... scientifically.

“Which bottled water we buy says something about us. We respect that, and take the look of our bottles very seriously,” says Liz. “We believe in a clean, inspiring, and feel good personality that people can connect with.”

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The need for water is a global issue.  It is also a humanity issue. Now when I'm thirsty - that little ‘ding’ goes off in my brain and I remember that someone else in the world is, too. That's why I very purposefully and happily reach for a GIVN Water bottle. You can find GIVN Water at any Jamba Juice location.

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“You can get good, do good, and feel good.

Thirst for More. Live for More.”

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