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Celebrating in Seattle

Celebrating in Seattle

Holy smokes. I can’t believe 2018 is over. This year has been all about change and improvement. Out with the old and in with the new. I dedicated this year to surrounding myself with positive energy and tried to exude the same. The best part of 2018 was starting this blog. I am so proud of the weekly content I was able to create, thanks to the incredible brands I teamed up with. Cheers to living our best lives!


Speaking of which, I wanted to do something different for the holidays this year.  The hubs and I packed our bags (lots and lots of bags) and headed to Seattle. Neither of us had ever been and to be honest, all I really knew about the city was rain, gloom, and Starbucks, but we were ready for an adventure.

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I was blown away by everything the city has to offer. My Fitbit must have thought it was on the wrong wrist, because we walked for miles and miles, discovering everything Seattle has to offer. 16k steps a day later, and I can tell you the best spots to eat (Brooklyn Restaurant is on the top of my list).


We did all the touristy stuff including Pike Place. We first visited at night and I thought “what’s the big deal?” We went back the next day and saw guys at the seafood counters throwing fish and yelling things, the nuts section guy telling hilarious jokes, and the merchandise counters selling handmade goods. Oh.. THIS is the big deal.

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Loads of shopping, the first ever Starbucks across the street, and a beautiful rooftop to take in the entire city. It was breathtaking.  

The next day, our first stop was the Space Needle. We must have chosen the rainiest and windiest day in the history of Seattle to go to the highest point of the city. Once we were at the top, I somehow convinced myself to go outside. The entire building was swaying. That, plus the wind, I thought I was going to fly away, but I don’t regret it one bit. The view from the top was incredible. I didn’t realize Seattle was so big with so many different components.


Next up was the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. If you’ve ever seen one of my stints on past Virgin America flights, you know I’ve been talking about this place for years! I was so excited to actually get to go inside. The glass sculptures were incredible. It’s mind boggling to think Dave Chihuly made them purely from glass. Highly recommend a stop here on your next visit.

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We were going to call it a day when we noticed a very interesting building down the block. It was the Museum of Pop Culture. I was expecting… pop. Some Britney, Backstreet, a few popular movies, heck maybe even some Ariana. I was so confused to find a Pearl Jam exhibit and a Nirvana room. Duh. It eventually clicked. Seattle is only the epitome of the grunge music scene. I realized I don’t know a single Pearl Jam song, but Nirvana is a different story (thanks to Nick Carter for introducing my 12 year old self to them). It was still very cool to see their handwritten lyric notebooks and clothing they wore on tour. There were also some movie exhibits and my favorite… actual “walker” heads from AMC’s The Walking Dead!


We were told by some locals to check out Safeco Stadium where the Seattle Mariners play. They had a huge lights maze. I’m obsessed with everything Christmas, so we got tickets and headed there for the evening.

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Wow! The place was absolutely magical. I had so much fun walking around and taking photos. Talk about an Instagram photo dream location!

I loved Seattle, with the rain and all. There was a Starbucks on every single block, so if you’re a Coffee Bean fan, you’re SOL. We walked so much we accidentally ended up in the wrong parts of town. I saw some things I wasn’t accustomed to, but even those things made the city what it is. The people were super nice, the vibe was super hipster, and the food was super delicious. This was definitely an adventure we won’t soon forget.

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