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Creme Brulee is Lit

Creme Brulee is Lit

“Light a candle”… Those first few words in Chris Young’s song Losing Sleep always get to me.  How could you not light a candle?


Battery operated flameless candles are great and all if you worry about burning your house down, but there is nothing like lighting a scented candle and taking in the delicious scent you hand picked.  

Scents of baked goods like cinnamon or sugar cookie are my go-tos, but I had never even heard of a creme brulee candle.  I’m obsessed with creme brulee everything, so knowing I could have that luscious sweet smell in my house all day got me a tad bit excited.  Pour the wine, I’m ready to relax.


The creme brulee candle is from Feya Candle Company.  These gals are the real deal. The candles are 100% soy and they have so many yummy scents to choose from.  If you’re not into creme brulee -- to each their own -- Feya Candle has a campfire scent, brown sugar and fig, forest pine, bergamot and grapefruit, and even classics like lavender and french vanilla amber.  

Even when I hadn’t taken the candle out of the box yet, my entire dining room smelled so good. It sets the aroma for your house and is perfect for when guests come over.  One in each bathroom, please!


The girl bosses who make up the Feya Candle Company team are a family.  That’s why it was important for them to give back to other families. Every single candle sold from Feya buys a meal for someone in need.  The team donates to local shelters and countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. They are partnered with organizations like Haiti Children’s Hope, Jacob’s Well - Haiti, and a community organization in Chontales, Nicaragua.  Feya funds the purchasing of meals in the villages, which boosts the local economy. They even visit the villages to provide support, kindness, and a helping hand.


The giving doesn’t stop there.  Feya Candle Company also has scented bars of soap made with quality ingredients.  Each purchase of a Feya Soap provides a bar of soap to a homeless shelter or mission around the world.  


Feya founder Sarah also made it a goal to help people in need in the US.  The company partnered with missions and soup kitchens throughout the country to purchase meals to be served that day and to help prep, serve, and clean up.  In the Summer of 2015, Sarah toured the country for 3 months, delivering food to missions and kitchens all over.


Knowing Feya does all of this amazing work actually makes my candle smell even better.  It’s nice to support a company who supports other people. If you’re excited to try your own Feya Candle, check my Instagram for rules to enter the giveaway ending on February 3!

Make sure you adult and turn out the flame when you’re done.


“Feya is my heart and soul. It allows me to give back in a way that connects me to both my heritage and my future.  It also allows me to show my children you can do anything if you work hard and are nice to people.”

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