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Pickle Power!

Pickle Power!

I refused to work out.  I hated every minute of it.  In fact, I would go to the gym, stretch, then go home because I would get so much anxiety.  When I thought about working out, all I could think about was the muscle cramps. People told me to foam roll, or “you’re not drinking enough water!” and “eat more bananas!” I tried everything, but the cramps in my calves were too awful.  

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Pickle juice became the answer to all my muscle cramping prayers.  Stay with me here…

The Pickle Juice Company brilliantly created the first ever sports drink proven to relieve muscle cramps.  It contains 10 times the electrolytes than other sports drinks, and is 100% natural, sugar free, and caffeine free… so no crash.  When I got my hands on the perfectly sized bottles of goodness, I immediately drank one and started working out. I’m not kidding… this stuff works.

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Sometimes, I would forget to drink the Pickle Juice before my workout, but it even kicks in if you drink it during your sweaty state of mind.  Honestly, I’m not too fond of pickles. I love them in burgers and sandwiches, but I can’t just open the jar and eat one as a snack.  However, the flavor of the Pickle Juice is a hint of pickle and when you take a swig, you can’t stop drinking!

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Vice President with TPJC, Filip Keuppens, explains that muscle cramping is a neurological issue, rather than a physiological one.  Because most people treat cramps physically, it hasn’t been effective.

Pickle Juice uses a proprietary blend of vinegar that intercepts or blocks the signal from the brain to the muscle that causes the cramp,” explains Filip.  

TPJC is highly involved in the sports world.  Recently, they’ve set their focus on female athletes (yes!).  They even launched an all-female Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team, and are spearheading a cycling mentorship program for women with athletes Colleen Gulick and Alijah Beatty leading the pack.  

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With most of the TPJC behind-the-scenes team coming from a sports background, it was imperative for them to make a difference in the field.  TPJC works with about 500 non-profit organizations involved in recreational endurance sports, making sure athletes have healthy and functional products during their activities.  Multiple Sclerosis is also a big part of TPJC’s story.

“We are a national sponsor for the MS Society and have partnered with all 80 of the Bike MS events in 2018,” says Filip.  “We are also keenly aware of the gender gap in sports.  Out of 200 brand ambassadors and athletes that we work with, the only professional (financial) arrangements we have are with female athletes and teams.”
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Supporting female athletes, supporting the health of athletes in general, and doing it with an effective and natural product.  TPJC is expecting to launch 6 new products in the next 12 months.  More natural ingredients producing functional results! The athlete in me can’t wait!

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“Our product does not have to be absorbed by any portion of the digestive system or blood stream, it goes to work as soon as it registers with one’s taste buds.”

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