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Coffee First, Work Later

Coffee First, Work Later

Coffee.  Because adulting is hard.

The insane number of hilariously true internet coffee quotes shows how important those tiny little brown beans are to us. I personally can’t turn all this sparkle on until I’ve had a cup. I’m not a huge fan of the taste of coffee so I only drink about 1 cup a day.  That 1 cup is my lifeline though. Meaning, I have to drown it in creamer and call it a treat - but that can get gross and unhealthy.


Luckily, I had the chance to try Kivu Noir recently and the fresh taste was surprising. Who knew that other popular brand had been disappointing me all this time?!  Now, instead of having to add a ton of flavored creamer, I put in a hint of cinnamon powder and surprise surprise…the perfect amount of sweetness!


Kivu Noir is from the volcanic shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda.  It’s grown in rich volcanic soil at the highest mountain peaks of the Rwanda jungles. The air is pure, unpolluted, and free from chemicals.  Talk about a sexy cup of Joe. My mouth is watering.


The coffee is not only delicious, but the aroma is heavenly.  I tried the ground coffee and I don’t think I could ever go back to my old stuff.  


Typically, it takes large coffee companies - you know who - 1 to 2 years to fully package their coffee beans. The problem is, coffee beans begin to deteriorate from the minute the beans are picked. Then, they have to be roasted, packaged, and put in the store.  Kivu Noir does all of this in a single month. It sounds crazy, but because they own the entire coffee processing and supply chain, they can guarantee the coffee we depend on is fresh and pure.


Kivu Noir employes women, many of whom are survivors of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, to process the coffee beans.  The brand works directly with small farms who work to support a single family. Kivu Noir created schools and a sporting facility for the children of the farmers, and they pay for the health insurance of all the farmers and their families.  Their goal is to uplift the lives of the people in Rwanda and give them a path out of poverty.


Kivu Noir isn’t your typical big-business coffee in a bag.  It comes from a pure place, made by pure people, to give you pure coffee.  Mmm… I’ll drink to that. Check them out on Amazon!


“Some people call it obsessive, we call it passionate, and this passion is evident in the final product.”

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