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Your Skin's New Bestie

Your Skin's New Bestie

The festivities surrounding the holidays are my fave, especially all of the parties.  It’s all fun and games... until your skin refuses to cooperate. Lately, my skin has been going through a rough patch, literally!  I’ve tried everything from over the counter moisturizers to prescription grade creams. I get these tiny dry patches around my eyes probably because I rarely let my skin breathe between makeup sessions.  I kept seeing makeup gurus use oils, but HELLO, doesn’t oil clog your pores?! I could just imagine waking up in the morning with a face full of acne. No, thanks!

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Fine. I gave in (after much research, of course).  I chose the right oil for my super dry skin. Health Priority Natural Products’ 100% Natural and Organic Vitamin E Oil saved my skin from winter’s wrath!  From the first night I used it, I could tell a HUGE difference in my skin. My face didn’t feel like it was being pulled and it wasn’t itchy. The best part is, all of the ingredients in the oil are 100% natural… jojoba, avocado, rice bran, and lavender, which gives it that scrumptious aroma.

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The dry patches weren’t the end of my skin-woes.  I was so close to getting botox. Like, I made the appointment and it was a week away kind of close.  I have these super annoying lines right above my eyebrows. Apparently, I get surprised WAY too often.  It was frustrating when I was doing my makeup and had to keep patting my forehead down with my beauty blender because the makeup would seep in and the lines were clear as day.  I was shocked when after 2 days of using my Healthy Priority oil, the lines were barely showing. I can’t make this stuff up!

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The Vitamin E oil has all the right ingredients to help prevent aging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, get rid of dark spots, and make collagen and elastin.  My face just feels softer and younger! I mean… I’m not that old, but let’s be real, it’s time I really take care of my body, starting with my skin. The product not only benefits your skin, but with each application, it provides your body with holistic health benefits like boosting your immune system.  No cheap fillers or carriers in this bottle! It helps you on your way to better overall health. Plus, it’s crafted in San Diego!

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Health Priority Natural Products not only created an all-organic gift for your skin, they are also socially-minded.  The company donates a portion of sales to Pencils of Promise, a non-profit who supports quality education for young girls.  The company also donates a portion to support small business loans to women to help end poverty. Talk about girl power!

I can’t get enough of the Health Priority oil.  I need to share the wealth and gift it to everyone I know.  This is definitely on my holiday gift guide. It’s even available on Amazon and under $20.. WHAT?! Everyone will thank you for it. The bottle may be small, but it’s mighty! A little bit goes a long way.

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I’ve been using the Vitamin E Enhance oil for about a month and my skin feels better than it ever has.  Best part? No breakouts.

“We like to refer to our products as healthy skincare on a mission because we have three simple goals: Do no harm. Give back. Empower Women.”

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