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Phusing Beauty & Hair

Phusing Beauty & Hair

Alexa, play Spice Girls.  Anytime I am getting ready, it turns into a full blown concert… pun intended.  Blow drying my hair can be so boring, but I make it as fun as possible. The blow dryer is my mic, and I am the star.


No wonder it takes me forever to get ready.  I love blow drying my hair with the Phuse Beauty blow dryer because the sound is so low, it doesn’t drown out my music!  So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!


Even though the sound is low, the power of the Phuse Beauty Quiet Dryer is still up there at 50 MPH, and it’s energy efficient at 1500 watts.  I hate when I’m blow drying and the electricity gives out because of the high watts being used. Talk about everyone in the house yelling your name at once!

“We wanted the user experience to be wonderful all the way around and that includes reducing the sound,” says Karen Delzell, Phuse Co-Founder. “We wanted the new mom to be able to dry her hair without worrying about waking up the baby, or a college student waking up her roommates.” 

The Phuse dryer also has the super important Ionic Generator inside the dryer. The generator is what keeps your tresses static-free and adds beautiful shine. YES, please!

With the holidays so close, the Phuse Beauty Quiet Dryer is at the top of my gift guide.  Perfect for teens, women, or men, you’re going to be the star of gift giving.

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I used to be so worried about burning my hair while blow drying.  It’s direct heat blasting at your hair follicles. My hair isn’t very thick, so I need every strand possible.  My new favorite hair product is the Phuse Can’t Take the Heat Thermal Protectant. OMG! It goes on the strands like silk.  From root to tip, the Argan Oil keeps your hair protected and ready for the heat. It also helps create that soft, smooth shine I’m always envious of on other queens.


The Phuse Quiet Dryer is also great because it’s not that heavy!  My hair stylist was once wearing a wrist brace on both wrists. She said the act of blow drying hair for so many hours a day, everyday, was giving her carpal tunnel.  WHOA! The Quiet Dryer is pretty light weight, but if this is your number one concern, Phuse has a dryer dedicated for you, the What a Lightweight Dryer. This baby is only 16 ounces but still gives the same power and punch as the Quiet Dryer!  I mean, truly, nothing that has to do with beauty should ever cause so much pain.


Aside from their fancy and pretty affordable products, I love that Phuse Beauty is dedicated to giving back.  Each month, the company chooses a recipient out of the nominations they receive. Each product you purchase states how much of the product is going towards that month’s recipient.  It’s so simple, yet ingenious.


“Our first mission was to offer professional styling products the beauty enthusiast (as well as the beginner and pro) could understand and embrace,” explains Karen.  “The idea of giving back at a direct level, made our mission much more beautiful. We wanted the donated proceeds to go directly to the person/family in need and not to have to filter through a larger philanthropic organization.”

For example, in November, Joy Simmerman who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer is the recipient of Phuse Beauty’s donations to help with impending medical and living expenses.  The purchase of the Quiet Dryer donates $10, while the Can’t Take the Heat Thermal Protectant donates $2 per purchase. You know exactly where your donation is going and how much your purchase is worth.


The Phuse Quiet Dryer and Can’t Take the Heat Thermal Protectant is my new go-to for styling my hair.  For a chance to win your very own Phuse Quiet Dryer, check out my Instagram for how to enter. Happy gift giving!  

“We are true believers in getting what you give.  We love that our products not only produce professional results, but help another person who isn’t doing so well – making life a little more beautiful for all involved.”

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