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Because Less Is More

Because Less Is More

Coco Chanel said it best, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

YES, MA’AM! If Chanel said it, do it.  I always have a hard time deciding how much jewelry to put on.  I wear my big hoops, a small necklace, lots of bangles, my rings, and I look like I robbed a jewelry store.  That final look in the mirror is EVERYTHING!

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Lately, I’ve started to wear more dainty pieces.  You can start layering pieces if they’re smaller. Statement necklaces work for specific occasions, but an elegant, dainty piece can go much further.

I’m currently loving the Less Is More collections.  They have these gorgeous pieces that work alone or layered.  Some of their pieces even have a special meaning or statement written on the card the necklace is attached to.

DSC_5582 copy.jpg

Besides necklaces, Less Is More has elegant rings, earrings, and bracelets, too.  I am obsessed with layering. I’ll start with a choker, and work my way to a long strand that hits my mid-torso.  Sometimes though, you have to keep it simple. I’ve noticed when I wear one special piece of jewelry, I’ll get more compliments.  People can actually focus on that one piece and they notice it’s beauty.

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“All of my jewelry is handcrafted with brass, 14k gold filled and sterling silver findings, and real semi precious gemstones,” explains creator Ha Le.

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When Ha created Less Is More, she gave the jewelry brand a purpose.  If she sounds familiar, it’s because she is also the creator of the Succulents Box I posted about in August.  Talk about a boss lady! She tied in both brands together, giving Less Is More a stone lotus succulent logo.

DSC_5553 copy.jpg

“I chose the succulent “stone lotus” as the symbolic plant of my brand because of its beautiful appearance and amazing ability to thrive even in poor soils and low-water conditions,” said Ha.  The succulent is the ideal symbol of endurance, harmony, and timelessness. The succulents represent the modern woman, whose heart is kind and will is strong.”

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Less Is More donates a portion of their sales to the Smile Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The restaurants provide meals for low income families.  The meals are always prepared fresh daily, and each meal includes delicious nutritious ingredients.  For Ha, it’s all about doing good and being kind.

“Taking inspirations from wonderful little things in life, I hope my creations can inspire you to do good, be kind to one another, and find the true happiness in your life.”

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