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Smile in a Box

Smile in a Box

I have always been intrigued with succulents.  They come in so many different shapes and colors that you can create a beautiful centerpiece or a beautiful hanging art décor for your home.  I have never seen a succulent shop like a flower shop, and rarely have seen a grocery store carry them in different styles.


I’ve apparently been doing it all wrong, because you don’t even have to leave your home to create the beauty of succulents.  Succulents Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you 1-4 various succulents, depending on which subscription type you choose.  These last SO long, you can create gorgeous arrangements as you receive them.  If you are just starting out, try 1 a month and see if you enjoy having them around. 

“We want to introduce everyone bit by bit into a different succulent genera, so each month we’ll feature 1 or 2 genera of succulents with both popular plants and other lesser known succulents,” explains Emilie Ngo of Succulents Box.

I went with the 3 succulents box, and the 3 that arrived were so fresh and vibrant, I couldn’t help but dazzle them up with glossy white mini-pots with bamboo trays from Amazon. 

I added brown tulle to tie in the nature aspect, and they have been alive and well for over a month.  I am quite impressed because I am not known to have the greenest thumbs.   


The best part about succulents is it doesn’t take a lot to care for them.  My Succulents Box even came with an instructions card that tells you exactly how much to water and how much sun to give them.  If I can keep these babies alive and thriving, anyone can!

“There are rosette succulents that look like a flower bouquet, but live longer and require less water and care,” explains Emilie.

Started as a passion project, Succulents Box puts a smile on people’s faces in more ways than one.  They teamed up with Smile Restaurants in Vietnam.  Succulents Box Co-founder Ha Le has known about Smile Restaurants since she was a pre-teen.  The restaurant offers delicious meals that are extremely affordable to anyone who stops by.  The food is always prepared fresh daily, and each meal is packed with nutritious ingredients that are delicious, filling, and heartwarming.  No one is discriminated at Smile Restaurants, regardless of their jobs, backgrounds, appearances, or disabilities. 


A single dollar donation provides 1 meal.  A portion of Succulents Box proceeds is donated to the restaurant to help pay for their expenses including rent, water and gas bills, cooking ingredients, and other related costs. 

“It's a place where each donation counts, and Ha always visits every time she goes to Vietnam,” says Emilie.  “When there’s a chance to give back, it’s a natural choice.”

The first thing I thought was to send the Succulents Box to friends.  The company is so friendly, you can send them a note and they will set up an annual subscription for you to send as a gift!

“Money can’t buy happiness, but kindness makes you happy, and happiness makes you kind.’”

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