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Self-care awareness month is almost complete, but I definitely won’t be putting an end to my new routine.  I have learned so much about self-care these past couple of weeks.  For example, self-care shouldn’t be a reward.  In the past, when I had a tough week or month, or I accomplished something great, I rewarded myself with a spa day.  I didn’t think it was right to get a massage just because. 


OMG! What a horrible way of thinking.  Self-care is NOT a reward, it’s a requirement!  It reduces stress and refuels our body and mind.  It’s very much about our inner health as it is about our outer glow.

I’m taking this new-found mindset and never looking back.  Something I also recently discovered is that although I made it my mission to exfoliate my face at least once a week, I neglected my body.  I just rub lotion and call it a day.  What about all of that dead skin waiting to come off?  Ew.


ScrubzBody Skin Care created body scrubs that not only smell delicious but work to get all the gunk out of your skin.  I loved putting this stuff all over.  It is gentle enough not to harm my skin, but effective enough to remove dead skin, oil, and external particles.  Basically, it leaves me with gorgeous, glowing, and soft skin.


The best part about these scrubs is they can be applied all over… seriously, everywhere.  The ingredients are all natural, and all scrubs are made by hand.  ScrubzBody Sugar Scrub has a special selection of scrubs that donate 50% per jar to 5 causes: Awareness for autism awareness, The Breast of Everything for breast cancer, Heal for Project Heal for eating disorders, Mindful for Mindful Health Gives, Sweet Hoppiness for Long Island Rabbit Rescue, Sweet Lexiebean for families of cancer patients, and Tealberry Warrior for National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.


I wanted to try the Awareness jar.  I remember when my sister was tutoring autistic kids many years ago.  She would tell me stories about their journey and how incredible and smart these kids were.  Those stories stuck with me and I’ve always been interested in learning more about autism. 


The Awareness scrub has a relaxing scent of lemon and a hint of eucalyptus.  I love sweet scents and this concoction was sweet but fresh at the same time.  This jar of amazingness donates 50% per jar to Autism Speaks.


Thirteen years ago, Roberta Perry created ScrubzBody because she needed an answer to her itchy and dry skin.  Some people think exfoliating your skin dries it out, but if you’re doing it with the right products that are infused with the best oils, your skin is going to love you for exfoliating! Oh and boys, there are a few special somethings for you, too.

“Because you deserve all of the pampering, with none of the fuss!”



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Holistic Hair