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Pretzel is my everything! No, not the snack.. My pup! She’s a rescue and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  I include her in my workout regimen and we go walking around our neighborhood everyday. She loves it, but it can get pretty annoying with having to carry my house keys, my phone, her poop bags, a credit card just in case of emergency, and a couple of snacks for her.  I used to fill up my pockets, but as we went along, things would fall… including my phone! I tried a fanny pack, but by the time I was done it would ride up to my stomach and would bounce as we ran.

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The Walkapocket is such a convenient bag.  It may look like an average fanny-pack, but this USA-made bag is extremely light and is made out of AeroSpacer Dri-Lex that helps it stretch like crazy and makes it quick-dry.  I love that you can adjust it as you’re wearing it and it stays in place. It comes in various colors, a few different designs, and 4 different sizes. I’m wearing a small and am obsessed with the purple stitching.  It’s a super low-profile and hugs your body.  It even has a paper pocket inside to keep your ID and money separate from your phone and keys. The cutest is putting it on your hip for a more trendy vibe.


Cathy Larrick created Walkapocket and turned it into an incredible brand.  She has a Collie/Rottweiler rescue of her own that she had trained through therapy dog training.

“I am intrigued with what dogs, being outdoors, and walking does for people’s health, no medicine involved.  It elevates your mood, boosts creativity, lowers blood pressure, the list goes on and on,” says Cathy. “Dogs get you interacting with other people and socializing.  Studies show that you are happier and live longer!”
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Cathy took her love for her pup and her love for walking and created a brand that gives back.  For every Walkapocket purchased, the brand donates a proceed to dog rescues they’ve partnered with.  The company turned 4 in July, but in its first year, Cathy teamed up with the America Walks Organization and created a specific Walkapocket with the AW logo.  Proceeds from that design goes to the AW Organization.

“I have learned so much about dog rescue organizations.  Through my partnership with America Walks, I now know a ton about walkable communities.  I started a Walking Club because of an AW webinar.  I learned how to start a business!” says Cathy.

Walkapocket is an expanding brand.  They’re introducing new colors and a possible dog-product line.  I’ll be first in line! The Walkapocket is for everyone who needs to keep their hands free while hiking, walking, at work, or a mom on the go.

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Walkapocket has reinforced the fact that because I combined my passions of walking, dogs, design, the outdoors, and Made in the USA products, I am learning new ways to get people out walking.  I have learned so much about what walking dogs and getting outdoors does for your body, brain, and wellbeing.”

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