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Doggie Diva

Doggie Diva

Diva can have such a negative connotation.  Umm.. hello! DIVA is strength! DIVA is beauty! DIVA is everything every woman (and man) should aspire to be.  Pretzel on the other hand, embraces “diva” like it’s her middle name.  My little pumpkin... 


My pup is always prancing along.  I give her a bath once a week and have been since she was 6 months old.  I try to find the best products for her beautiful fur, and although she’s a mutt and her hair is pretty thin, it gets tangled super easily if I’m not careful.  It doesn't help that she usually doesn’t like being brushed because hey, when I was younger I didn’t like getting my wet hair brushed either! OUCH!


I was beyond thrilled to discover Doggie Diva.  I mean, it was literally calling Pretz’ name.  Pretz had a glorious bath with the Doggie Diva Wash and Shampoo which smelled like heaven on earth.  Her other shampoos always give that odd oatmeal scent, but this was like perfume.  The shampoo is enriched with aloe vera, lavender, and vitamin E, which also helps condition.


Afterwards, I sprayed the Doggie Diva Knot Be Gone Doggie Detangler spray and brushed her hair head to paw.  Oh my goodness.. She was loving every second of it. It was like she spent the day at the spa. I couldn’t believe how calm she stayed throughout the whole process. The detangler is an alcohol-free B-vitamin enriched formula, which leaves your pup’s fur soft, silky, tangle free, and helps stop shedding!  She's nice and ready for National Dog Day on August 26th. 


Doggie Diva was created by hair stylist and product developer Cindy Tawiah.  A former nurse turned hair guru, Cindy took her love for the cosmetology industry and turned it into something meaningful.  She created Diva by Cindy, which includes Doggie Diva and alcohol-free products for human hair, too!  She also wrote a book that empowers people to follow their dreams, no matter what obstacles they’ve faced.  Metamorphosis: Finding Your Purpose was inspiring and telling of the life Cindy had before creating her brand.

“Everyone has a story and your story is not for you to keep,” says Cindy.  “I share in order to inspire and motivate others. I used my journey and the book to touch more lives.”

A survivor of child and domestic abuse, Cindy is using her Diva brand to give women strength.  She created The Diva Project in 2004.  Her supportive husband Sam visited a shelter over the holidays and brought back 15 women so Cindy could give them makeovers.  Through Sunshine Promises Inc., the non-profit organization provides wellness services, workshops, and counseling for women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.  

“It was the best event and we continued giving women days of beauty and healing, makeovers and beauty drives.  It’s been 11 years and over 450 women served in MD, DC, and VA,” explains Cindy. “We want to do more. One of the women tearfully said that what we did, and I quote ‘gave me visibility.”’

Cindy is motivational, inspirational, and a true go-getter.  She never took “no” for an answer and I have the utmost respect for her… Plus the fact that she created an incredible product for our 4-legged babies.  There is something about women following their dreams and doing what it takes to get there that holds a special place in my heart.


The next Diva Project will be in October and Diva by Cindy will be featured on one of my favorite daytime shows, The Doctors in the fall.  

“We are so grateful to be able to touch and heal women.  Thank you for helping us heal and change the world ‘one diva at a time!”’

Smile in a Box

Smile in a Box