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City Roots in Boots

City Roots in Boots

Your feet don’t have to be planted in southern ground to fit into a pair of cowboy boots.  Country music is not just a genre, it’s a lifestyle.

I can attest to this because growing up in Los Angeles, country music wasn’t always so popular.  In high school, I’d be rocking out to Tim McGraw as my friends were listening to the latest hip hop and pop songs.  It was later in life that I discovered how amazing country concerts and festivals could be.  I was completely sucked in.  But what does an LA-native who grew up in an Armenian household know about the country lifestyle?  Everything!


That’s the message sibling duo Sarah and Stephen Johnson wanted to spread when they created City Roots in Boots, a clothing and accessories company geared towards people who love the country lifestyle.  Their love for music, concerts, festivals, and the country community inspired their pieces. 

Raised right outside of LA, the siblings grew up on every genre of music.  Well, every genre, except country! Not exposed to it in their younger days, the discovery process started with live shows.  Who doesn’t love a live country music concert?

It was that exact thing that led City Roots in Boots to give back.  Sarah and Stephen were part of the 22,000 fans that experienced the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting that took the lives of 58 concert-goers at the Route 91 Festival.

“When we got home, we felt the tremendous responsibility to give our customers some sort of comfort or feeling like we are all in this together.”

They quickly got to work and after much thought, designed a statement T-shirt that benefited the victims and their families. 

City Roots in Boots raised and donated $10,000 from the proceeds of the RT91 T-shirt which has the message:

Hate won’t stop us from doing what we love. 

Country Music is Healing.

Attending shows since the tragic night wasn’t easy for them, but it’s something they felt was needed.

“We cannot let that night take away the love and happiness that so many of us have for these types of events.”

Aside from RT91, City Roots in Boots has been working hard with radio station KFrog 95.1.  They teamed up with the station and helped raise money for the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital through the annual KFrog telethon. 

“Because of our customers and what this business has become, we are very blessed that we are able to give back.”

I am obsessed with City Roots in Boots designs.  I was rocking the Southern Cali Belle tank top at the festival, and was wearing it proudly. 

Their latest designs include the Blue Line and Red Line tees, which show appreciation for law enforcement and firefighters.  A new Camo Collection is also available, because as Sarah puts it, ‘what country lover doesn’t love camo?’ Other designs include the adorable "If Found Return to Nearest Country Music Festival" tank and the men's "Country Music and Beer That's Why I'm Here!" tank, both perfect for the upcoming Stagecoach festival.  

New designs and collections will pop up throughout the year as Sarah and Stephen are always hard at work designing and coming up with country-inspired apparel. 

You don’t have to worry about being “country enough” or “southern enough”, because you can always have City Roots in Boots.

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