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Darling, You're One of a Kind

Darling, You're One of a Kind

After Vegas’ Rt91 Festival, I wanted to do random acts of kindness for everyone and anyone.  I wanted to spread the love to let people know there is still kindness in the world. The usual paying for the car behind me at the Starbucks drive-thru was my favorite.  Some of the cars sped up after they got their drink and followed me for a light or two to thank me. The joy on their faces was absolutely priceless. It feels AMAZING to do something nice!


When I heard about The Kind Coalition, I immediately fell in love with their mission to stop bullying through small acts of kindness.  Then I saw all of their merchandise with simple, yet meaningful sayings. My favorite: “Darling, you’re one of a kind”.  And who could resist, “Kind People Are My Kind of People”? Or the super simple, yet impactful “Be Kind”. YEESS!!

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The Kind Coalition is more than a fashion statement, it’s a social movement.  The folks at The Kind Coalition believe words matter and kindness looks good on everyone.  For every item purchased, the brand donates 50% of the profits to organizations working to combat bullying.  Some of their affiliated non-profit organizations include No Bully, Stomp Out Bullying, and Love is Louder.


Bullying is so prominent in our society today, whether it’s at school, on social media, or in the workplace.  You have to stop and wonder, why can’t we be proud of each other’s differences and accomplishments? Bullying needs to end and The Kind Coalition is doing their part to help make that happen.

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You can complete small acts of kindness every day, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything.  Some examples are, letting someone go in front of you at the grocery store checkout line. Giving someone the parking spot you were waiting for.  Smile at a stranger, or tell someone they look nice. Heck, puppy-sit your neighbor’s dog… talk about a win-win! You can’t imagine what a game-changer one small kind gesture can be for someone, or how it can brighten up their entire day.  You have that power… use it!


You can join The Kind Coalition #OneDayataKind mission by posting a photo with your shirt, hash tagging #OneDayataKind, and tagging your bestie as a challenge to participate.  I’ve already tagged my sis, but more lucky people will be tagged this week!

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Kindness is non-gender specific. Kindness has no age.

Kindness is non-partisan. Kindness is for everyone.

And everyone is welcome in the coalition.

Be Brave

Be Brave

F-it... Drink Tea.

F-it... Drink Tea.