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Empowering Women, One Punjammy at a Time

Empowering Women, One Punjammy at a Time


Sudara.  Pants that save women from sex trafficking.  

Fashion trends come and go, but Sudara is a clothing and accessories line ‘made from hope, made for comfort’, and it is changing women’s lives, one Punjammy at a time.

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Wearing the Leela Full punjammies, I felt a sense of empowerment.  I paired the pants with platform heels and a vibrant tank top and strutted down the street, wanting to tell everyone I could about why what I was wearing was so important.  It felt pretty damn good knowing I was wearing something that saved a woman's life.  As for the fit, the fabric was comfortable and the gold detail at the bottom edge was even more stunning in person. Pockets usually make everything a million times better, and these were no exception.  

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Perfect timing for pajamas to be the leading fashion trend.  Real Housewives and "It" girls are wearing them out on the town.  Sudara, however, didn’t create its line of Punjammies based on trends. 

In 2005, founder and CEO, Shannon Keith was compelled to create something that would help women escape the world of sex trafficking.  During a visit to India, she witnessed women forced to sell their bodies in order to feed their families.  She heard story after story of women who were sold into sex slavery and those who were at a high risk of being forced into the sex trade by their families or picked up off the streets by local pimps.  All this because they lacked the education or the resources to even have a choice.  Keith returned home from the trip and knew she had to create something that would help the women for the long run.

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With the help of family and friends, Keith created Sudara. Together, they looked for groups in India that had their same urgency to make a positive impact and help women looking to escape out of the Red Light Districts.

“The team knew that safe, steady, and living-wage employment would be a pathway to freedom and offer choices for women and their families.”


Purchases of Sudara goods and clothing support training and jobs for the women who make the products, and fund investments in a non-profit arm of Sudara that provides for those same women across their entire ecosystem and supports sustainable pathways to freedom. The link between Sudara, Inc. and Sudara Freedom Fund ensures that women are provided with needed wraparound services as they gain job skills training and most importantly, long-term careers.

“We are working for deep change and believe this is done through creating cycles of freedom, not dependency.”

The beautiful global textiles Keith saw in India and other countries when traveling internationally inspired the brand’s aesthetic.

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“It is our belief that textiles often hold so much meaning, history, and represent culture well, especially the vibrant fabrics and traditional patterns found in Indian markets.”

Sudara will launch their spring line on March 1st. New colors, new textiles, and a new vibe perfect for the spring sun.

Sneak Peak of Sudara's Spring Line

Sneak Peak of Sudara's Spring Line

I can wear the Sudara Punjammies to bed or out on the town.  It is definitely a statement piece in my wardrobe.

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