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The Modrn Man

The Modrn Man

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Recently, my husband Paul started looking at himself in the mirror for longer and longer periods of time.  He’s entered the dreaded 30s.  I’m the one that now yells “Let’s go! We’re going to be late!”  So, I did what any caring wife would do.  I sent him off into the wilderness of the beauty counters.  I stood back and watched, and yes, most of it was just for my amusement.  He came back shell shocked.  Twelve step processes with a million ingredients neither one of us could pronounce, and prices even I couldn’t begin to believe.  I decided to get a little more serious and truly look for something that would help.

Men, I present to you Modrn Man.  You’re welcome.  No need for a million steps and a million bucks to keep your fearless skin as healthy as possible.  


Creator Dan Farris could relate to my husband and said that’s pretty much how Modrn Man was born.  

“A couple of years ago, my wife told me I was starting to look a little older. While I still consider myself a recent college grad (17 years ago…), I agreed and started to look for something that would help fight father time.  All the stuff out there was complicated, mostly made for women, and expensive.  I saw an opportunity to solve my own problem and help out other guys.”

The best part? Modrn Man is working with the Milburn Foundation to donate 10% of net profits to men’s health related charities. The Milburn Foundation, until just recently, was dedicated to supporting breast cancer causes.

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Modrn Man is an easy and quick 2-step system skin regimine made solely for men, since you know, women already have so many options.  Modrn Man is all about simplicity and effectiveness.  The products are all vegan, though that doesn’t mean you have to be, too.  The products are never used or tested on animals, or have any animal based ingredients.  

“The beauty industry is notorious for loading up products with a bunch of chemicals that you would never eat, but for some reason it’s ok to rub all over your skin.  Doesn’t make sense to me.  We wanted something we could stand behind and guys could feel good about using.”
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It’s not all about how you look, it’s about how you feel and your skin’s health.  That’s why Modrn Man focuses on products for specific issues like anti-aging, sensitive skin, and acne problems.  

“Guys think they look good and don’t need any products.  Even if guys are thinking about using something, they aren’t going to spend the time and money most women would.  It’s a hard market to crack, but we’re trying.”

Their mission states that they are ‘dedicated to keeping the human race alive by making men look their best, increasing their confidence and leading healthy lives.  If men aren’t attractive, how will we survive?’ That sums up not only their goals, but also the brand’s humor.  Skin care doesn’t have to be so serious, guys!

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“When buying a Modrn Man 2 Step System, just remember you’re basically helping give another guy a prostate exam or testicular cancer check.”

You’re welcome, babe.

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