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Beauty with Love

Beauty with Love

It is so important to take off all your makeup before bed.  It’s one of those wives-tales that’s actually true. Good job, wives! The hardest part is taking off eye makeup and mascara.  Have you ever woken up at 4 am and had your eyelashes stuck together because you thought you could get away with the same eye makeup the next day? Oh… me neither.


Not only is it important to take it all off, but it matters how you do it, too.  No, that bar of soap isn’t going to cut it.

Enter Endure Beauty.  A line of organic eye makeup removal cloths made just for your skin.  No irritation. No chemicals. No random ingredients no one can pronounce.  Endure makeup removal cloths are a reusable cloth that wipe off your makeup with just a little bit of warm water.  Best part is that it is super safe for eyebrows and eyelashes. They are hypoallergenic and can be used for up to 9 months!


Makeup can be super fun, but Endure Beauty was created with a more meaningful story. Creator Nikki Huebner set out a way to honor her 18-month-old-daughter, Chyler, who passed away after a tragic accident in 2010. Nikki was trying to find a way to bring something to the market that had a bit of her daughter’s girly-girl personality embedded in it.  Nikki was having issues with using makeup wipes while having eyelash extensions on. The two worlds merged and Endure happened. From the beginning, Nikki wanted Endure to be partnered with charitable organizations.

“When I kept feeling a push from my lash artist to test the market with the organic cloths, I kept feeling this tug at my heart and soul to turn this into a charitable brand to be able to make my own contributions to my late daughter’s charity, The Chyler Family Room Projects,” says Nikki.

The Chyler Family Room Projects is an extension of Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Carolina, where the Huebner family resides.  Donations to the cause allow rooms to be built in local hospitals where families can take a moment to rest and find solace.


Nikki explains that Chyler loved playing in her mom’s makeup and would get lost exploring in mommy’s closet.  Even on the hardest days, Nikki can’t stay down for too long. She has 3 boys to raise and a growing business.

“There are several days I find myself questioning if I can endure anymore.  Even though this brand means so much to me, that doesn’t mean it means that much to other people,” explains Nikki.  “At the end of the day in some way, shape, or form everyone has their own story. That’s what keeps me going.”

Endure Beauty also partnered with Kids and Cars.  Kids and Cars raises awareness to the specific type of accident Chyler was involved in.  

“Janette Fennell of Kids and Cars reached out and for once, my husband and I didn’t feel so alone.  The statistics of our accident are jaw dropping.  There are 50 accidents just like ours a week reported and 2 to 4 fatalities each week in the USA alone.  Usually the injured being among the elderly and toddlers,” says Nikki.

Nikki is often approached by mothers and families who have gone through their own tragedies.  They share their stories and use the Chyler Family Room.  She says you have to take time to heal and although you will never fully heal, you will be able to cope better over time.  “Don’t be afraid.”

Chyler was born on May 10th.  Every product has the number 10 infused in it and is launched on the 10th of the month.  Next month on Chyler’s birthday, the new Endure Organic Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads will launch.  Four organic under eye treatment therapies will be available.

“I use ‘therapy’ instead of ‘treatment’ because I believe self care is one of the greatest forms of therapy achieved.”
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