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Bald is Beautiful

Bald is Beautiful

Walk down the hair or skin care aisle of your favorite drugstore or beauty supply store and there’s product for brittle hair, colored hair, short hair, soft hair… I can go on and on.  Hello?! What about a product for NO hair? Cranium Care has you covered.

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I was so interested in this product, but since I couldn’t try it out myself for obvious reasons, I enlisted the help of my handsomely bald (and single) cousin, Serj.  When I asked Serj what he uses to wash his head, he said soap or a body wash. Apparently, this is the norm for a lot of baldies. The skin on your head is exposed to the most amount of nature’s gifts, like changing climate conditions and pollution.  Even regular shampoo is too harsh for a bare scalp. It’s time to start owning your dome!


Comprehensive Cranium Care, or C3, was created for anyone representing baldness, whether it is your choice or the choice of a higher power.  The biggest deal with C3 is it contains no harsh ingredients, so it won’t leave your scalp dry, itchy, flaky, or irritated. The C3 Head Wash won’t strip away oils your scalp needs, but leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.  Every ingredient has a positive purpose.


After the initial shock of there actually being a product for his silky scalp wore off, Serj used the C3 Head Wash for a couple of weeks. He said he noticed the difference in his scalp. It wasn’t as dry as before and he was excited to keep using the Head Wash. Own your dome, Serj, own your dome.


The Head Wash Serj used comes in a scented or unscented version.  If you have a particular cologne or perfume you love, you can drop a couple of drops of your fav bottle into the fragrance-free formula and shake it up.  Mmm, keeps you smelling like yourself!

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Aside from the fact C3 is made in the US, is 100% vegan, and is cruelty free, C3 thought that wasn’t enough.  The brand works with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a foundation whose mission is to conquer childhood cancer. C3 donates $1 of each sale to the foundation.

The C3 Head Wash is fabulous for your scalp, but it also works as a face wash and is great for your neck and beard.  Talk about an all-in-one. This is especially great for guys who don’t like to have a ton of product in the shower.


Soon, C3 will be releasing a Head Hydrate which will act like a healing moisturizer, and a Head Shave for those who prefer to shave their domes.

“The Own Your Dome™ spirit speaks to many communities of men and women without hair, more than a bald guy searching for a quality head wash ever anticipated.”

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