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Small, but Mighty

Small, but Mighty

People ask what I want for myself in 2019… I want everyone to be able to accomplish their goals without any hesitation or the fear of being bullied out of their dreams.  When I was younger and would tell people I want to be a host, or an actress, or a writer, they laughed. They told me I’d never make it in Hollywood and that my writing wasn’t good enough.  Well folks, a TV show, hundreds of published articles, tons of red carpets, and a few commercials under my belt later, I am here to tell those people that anything is possible.


I love going to my favorite coffee shop with my favorite book, to get away from it all, because let’s face it, even as adults we come across bullying.  Sometimes though, kids don’t have the option to escape those putting them down. Marta and Pavlina created Luc and Bell, named after their own kids Lucas and Bella who were getting bullied, to remind them they are loved and they are not alone.


I came across the bracelet line Luc and Bell on Etsy and I am loving their powerful message.  Each of their pieces has an animal representing strength in unity, a red bead representing protection, and a silver heart representing love.  I love wearing my bracelet with a wolf to remind myself to be strong, regardless of any obstacle I am facing.

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Luc and Bell’s message is powerful and the pieces represent that.  However, the pieces are also fun, cute, and customizable. Through their Etsy page, you can choose a double wrap or thicker single wrap bracelet.  You can also choose the bead color and animal. I customized my double strand howling wolf bracelet with metallic grey beads. You can also choose your size!


The packaging is just as cute and meaningful as the bracelet.  The tag reads, “You are strong, kind and you’re not alone…” I love it!! I need to wear this bracelet every single day for that simple reminder.


Luc and Bell puts children first.  A portion of the bracelet profits are donated to children in need and are made right here in SoCal.


“We hope that if you choose to wear a Luc and Bell bracelet, you find your own true meaning behind the symbols, and you're reminded that you are strong, kind and you're not alone…

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