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F-it... Drink Tea.

F-it... Drink Tea.

Feeling meh? Tea. Freezing in your jammies? Tea. Need a relaxer and can’t find the bottle opener? Tea. Writing a blog on a Sunday afternoon? Tea.


Tea is the answer to everything. OK, maybe not to everything, but if you want to feel all the warm and fuzzy vibes, tea is a pretty good solution.  When I’m on a health kick, I replace my morning coffee with a caffeinated tea. It makes me feel better and doesn’t mess with my anxiety levels or give me jitters.  Also, I’ve noticed there’s no significant crash in my energy levels with tea. My favorite is a cup of chamomile tea when I need to unwind for the night… mmm, calming.


Bon Temps took that vibe and turned it into women-centric goals.  Other tea sachets are usually bleached and loaded with words I can’t pronounce (or spell).  Bon Temps avoids all the chemicals and gunk and makes their sachets out of non-GMO corn fiber. C-O-R-N.  I got this. Even their flavors are high-quality, due to the whole-leaf tea leaves.


Founders Ali and Will are Girl Boss GOALS! These women have turned a tea brand into a women-empowerment movement.  Women supporting other women is a beautiful thing, so the Bon Temps founders are helping women’s pursuits, big or small.  You can apply for a $1000 #FindingTimeWellSpent grant on their Instagram page.   A portion of every purchase supports these $1000 grants.  This is huge!

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The teas are not only delicious but the Bon Temps ladies are telling all women to say F-it to expectations.  Be you and find your own happiness. I found my 2019 motto here, people.

I got to try one of their badass teas, Pu’erh.  This blend has the perfect dose of caffeine that lasts all day.  So, if you’re planning on taking over the world today, grab a cup of Pu’erh first.  You’re welcome.


Bon Temps teas contain organic ingredients, which contribute to the robust flavor.  I use loads of sugar in my coffees, but I don’t need diddly-squat to make these teas delish.  Each box even has advice. “Figure out what you love doing. Do it.”


I’m SO in.  I love the packaging, the flavors, the brand, and their vibe.  This is my new go-to pick-me-up.

“If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything… We stand for women doing what they love, big or small.”

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