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A Sick Story

A Sick Story

Sometimes you come across a story that you just can’t shake.  I came across the story of Brianna Tesauro and her sister, Kristine, and frankly, I don’t want to shake it off.  In 2016, Kristine was diagnosed with leukemia and her big sis became her support system.  Their family had already gone through the wringer when their brother Jason lost his battle to Lymphoma when he was 15.  These two girls weren’t about to lose each other, and Brianna made it her mission to keep her sis alive.


I’m in awe of this story.  It hits me to my bones. Kristine and Brianna spent so much time at the hospital together that they started creating apparel with positive phrases.  Positivity. It’s what kept Kristine fighting and Brianna continuing to do whatever it took.


Catch Some Air came out of their positivity and creativity.  Due to their first-hand experience, the sisters decided to gear the T-shirts toward kids fighting cancer.  The shirts have encouraging sayings and honestly, it brightens up my day every time I put mine on.


“Be Kind.”  “Do Good.” “Live a Little.”  “Dream Big.” “Stay Happy.” These are just a few examples of the type of message the sisters are spreading.  Simple, but with such a big impact.


Catch Some Air isn’t just inspirational through the phrases on the shirts.  Kristine and Brianna decided to give their time, a portion of profits, and T-shirts to kids battling cancer.  The co-founders have taken kids with cancer indoor skydiving, on hot air balloon rides, to Disneyland, the beach, or have simply brought them food to the hospital when they couldn’t get out.  The girls even take their time to stay with the kids during treatments.


Catch Some Air has their local hospital stocked with a bucket of their happiest T-shirts for the kids.  They also ship the shirts to kids fighting for their lives all over the US.


Aside from having one of my favorite phrases, “Be Kind,” on my shirt, the material is actually top-notch and it fits really well. I tied mine in the back for photos sake, but the shirt isn’t bulky or too tight.  I love it and will be dressing it up or down with leggings.


If after what they’ve been through, Kristine and Brianna can find positivity, make jokes, and smile… anyone can.  Check out their story of strength, survival, and smiles here:

“‘Go catch some air’ was a saying our grandpa used when something was bugging him - kinda like ‘get outta here!’ We thought that was a great motto for the rough stuff in life. So, whenever something sucky comes your way, tell it to catch some air, push through it, and try to have some fun in the process!”

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