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They Saved Our Ass

They Saved Our Ass

Ladies and gents, summer is in full bloom and Independence Day is here!  Get out your fireworks (carefully) and let’s party. 


Now that we’ve partied too hard, it’s time for a gorgeous cup of coffee.  Here’s the thing, coffee is coffee is coffee is coffee. But really, Tattered Beans mastered it.  The We Saved Your Ass blend is so damn good.  It’s a traditional French blend of vanilla and cream with a hint of hazelnut.  After brewing it, my house smelled delicious. No creamer or sugar necessary, the roast is perfect on its own. 


Tattered Beans has so many other fun flavors like Drill Instructor (a nutty blend, ha!), Special Ops, Weekend Pass, 4th Quarter Strong, Delta Dark, Morning Run, and Foxhole Decaf.  The play on words is hilarious and each one has a distinct flavor. They come in the large ground bag, smaller bags, and single serve pods.  


Tattered Beans’ play on words isn’t just for kicks. Their whole M.O. is giving back to veterans, active military, and first responders.  After going through Rt91, the whole first responders thing hits close to home.  


Tattered Beans created their brand with our heroes in mind.  It wasn’t just an afterthought; the brand is actually veteran-owned.  Through the site, you pick the category (veteran, active, or first responder) and the actual specific person you want to support, and purchase your coffee through that.  If you don’t have any specific person in mind, you can just choose a category. A portion of your proceeds go directly to the person or military branch/category you choose! There are even various fundraisers available to choose from.


It’s not just coffee.  Tattered Beans has apparel and merchandise, too.  I’m loving their “4th Quarter Strong” motto.  I’m a huge sports fan, so I know how important the 4th quarter is.  The 4th quarter is ingrained in our military, too. When the clock is ticking down to zero, it’s time to go all-in.  The US military gives their all every single day, and they know a thing or two about finishing strong when it’s go-time. 


I love every part of Tattered Beans.  From the logo, to the various merchandise, and obviously, the yummy coffee.  When I stop and think about my life for a moment, I realize how much freedom I truly have.  This country is the greatest country in the world, and that is largely because of our military.  


When something terrible happens, first responders are truly there first.  I’ve seen this in Vegas when we were running away and they were all running toward the chaos, and even on a more daily scale, when something has been wrong at home and the paramedics and fire department arrived at my door in 2.5 seconds.  I was still on the phone with dispatch and heard the sirens! I don’t care what negative connotations people might have against police officers these days, when something is wrong, they are always the first people we call. 


“Tattered Beans recognizes, respects, and supports the warriors who have not faltered in the fourth quarter. Tattered Beans raises our hand, four fingers high, with veterans!”

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