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Crazy Compression

Crazy Compression

I remember when I was little, getting socks as a gift was like getting coal.  Twenty...plus.. years later, and it’s one of my favorite gifts to receive! Rain or shine, I love wearing socks.  It gives me a cozy, safe feeling. I was so excited to get Crazy Compression socks. And yes, I’m wearing them as I type this.


The compression is real on these things!! It’s a new year, meaning lots of new year’s resolutions! If your resolution is to be more active, you’re going to want these socks. The ankle sock are going to be my go-to workout socks… I might need a few more pairs.  I have high arches, so the compression around the foot and arch is really important to me.  The socks have such a great grip, there’s no way these babies are going to slide down during the day or workout.


I like to keep it neutral with ankle socks, but if I’m going to wear high socks, I’m going to WEAR high socks.  I love Crazy Compression’s super fun colors and styles. They have everything from polka dots, to stripes, and even solid colors for the less adventurous types.  You can even represent your state with the State Collection, or motivate the runner behind you with sayings like “Never Quit” and “Keep Moving.” The high socks also have incredible compression.  It’s extra support for your feet if you’re on them all day, are hiking, running, or just need that extra umph in your step.


If you’re not too familiar with how compression works, it improves oxygen flow throughout the leg.  These are also perfect if you have any injuries since it promotes recovery. Crazy Compression socks are tightest around the feet and lower legs to alleviate any swelling.  The socks even have impact cushions at the foot and heel for extra comfort. Umm.. can I wear these with heels?!


During the holidays, Crazy Compression teamed up with Project Outpour.  They donate 200 pairs of socks every quarter to the Charlotte and Piedmont areas in North Carolina to the homeless and people in need.  People forget how important something as small as socks can be to someone who doesn’t have a warm place to sleep or live. Socks are one of the most needed and least donated items for the homeless.


I love the message Crazy Compression is sending, and their USA-made product stood up to my test.  I wore the ankle socks all day on new year’s eve as I hosted a big party. When I called it a night at 3am, my legs actually felt really good.  

You’ll never get bored with Crazy Compression.  In fact, they never want you to associate that word with the brand. They’re fun, creative, and you can even put in a custom order through the site!


“At Crazy Compression, we’ve always been out-of-the boxers thinkers. Crazy Compression helps all our customers perform at their peak, recover quickly, and feel their best without sacrificing style.”

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