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Flat Out Good

Flat Out Good

I love when I can wear a cute dress for a day of running errands and eating ice cream (literally every day).  Usually, a dress means wearing wedges or heels. When I am shopping, I want to be as comfortable as possible and not be worrying about aching feet.  There is no way my shopping trip is going to be cut short because my feet hurt.  


I am loving my Dimmi Shoes Reach in Bungee flats.  They are so comfortable, so cute, and go with everything!  It looks like a regular ballet flat, but the gorgeous soft texture and stretchy strap gives it something extra.  I actually love the strap for practical reasons, too. Every time I wear flats, for whatever reason, they slip off when I walk… and yes, even if the flats are the perfect size.  The strap on these flats keep my feet in place and allow me to get around faster!


I am also loving the sole of the flats.  It actually gives support and doesn’t feel like I’m walking barefoot.  I hate having that issue with most flats. I have a high arch in my foot (TMI?), so I need something with support.  Comfortable flats are usually hard for me to find, but these golden babies do the trick.                              


The style and comfort of the flats already won me over, but then I found out Dimmi is doing huge things for charity.  When I say huge, I am talking about 100% of profits going toward ALS medical research.  They’re not dumping buckets of ice on their heads and posting it on social media… they are making a real difference. 


Dimmi Shoes is part of a family business that has been around since the late 1800s! Consolidated Shoe Co is the parent brand that was ran by Richard A. Carrington 4th.  Unfortunately, he passed away due to ALS in 2011 at the age of 39.  The family decided to honor him and created Dimmi in his memory.  


Dimmi was created with the sole purpose of giving away 100% of wholesale profits to medical research.  It doesn’t get any more honorable than that. 


With all different types of shoes to choose from, Dimmi has stepped up the shoe game.  There is nothing more that I love than brands with a purpose, and Dimmi’s purpose is beautiful. 


“The Dimmi story began with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed a family in the shoe business—and the story continues, transformed now with a purpose of doing good. 100% Good.”

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