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Keep Cool

Keep Cool

I love loungewear.  If I don’t have plans for most of the day, you can 100% find me in some sort of comfy wear.  I don’t know how some people are in jeans all day… it would drive me crazy. 


I love long T-shirts or super comfortable dresses and Cool-jams is my new go-to for loungewear.  I can wear the nightgown as pajamas or wear it around the house.  I totally do both! 


The length of the Moisture Wicking Cami Strap Nightgown is kind of perfect.  No need to run around the house looking for something to cover-up with when the doorbell rings (am I the only one who does this?).  I also love the lace detail. It just makes me feel pretty wearing it.


The Cool-jams nightgown isn’t just cute or comfortable, it actually has some really cool features (pun intended).  It absorbs moisture, keeps skin cool and comfy all night, and eliminates body odor-causing bacteria. This is so perfect, especially for summer nights.  I can’t sleep with the AC on because it gives me a headache, so I always wake up in the middle of the night since it gets so hot.


The material is SO soft, I never want to take the dress off.  I’m going to call it a dress, because really, I can do a lot with this.  It also doesn’t wrinkle and dries really fast.  


The San Diego-based company created their brand with women in mind.  One of their goals is for women going through menopause to be as comfortable as possible.  How thoughtful! 


Cool-jams donates a large portion of their profits to women and family-centered charities.  For example, in 2018, they donated a whopping 35% of profits to charity. Some charities they have worked with in the past include The International Hyperhidrosis Society, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Center for Community Solutions, Voices for Children, Casa De Amparo, The American Cancer Society, and The San Diego Public Library Foundation.  


Cool-jams doesn’t just donate profits, they also donate their time and products.  They donated products to The Center for Community Solutions, an organization who supports rape crisis centers and shelters for abused women and children.


“I started Cool-jams with the goal of generating enough income to be able to give back to charitable organizations in a meaningful way.”

- Anita Mahaffey, Founder & CEO

Nobl Care

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