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Empowering On The Go Fashionistas

Empowering On The Go Fashionistas

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My friends text me when I'm at work and say "let's go out!" I am usually dressed pretty professionally in the office and let me tell you, there's nothing less comfortable than going dancing in a pencil skirt or slacks.  I was always on the go, from work to out with friends, or to the gym to a lunch date.  Seriously, how many just in case outfits can I fit in my trunk?! 

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The answer is none! All I need is my secret weapon... the Origamei clutch.  The clutch makes me feel like a sassy MacGyver.  I carry the clutch to the gym since it can hold my ID, credit cards, and keys, and when I am going to work, it's so small I can just throw it in my regular handbag.  Oh, wait... Did I mention the clutch turns into a gorgeous dress?  

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Angela Wang

Angela Wang

Origamei dress creator, problem solver, and fashionista Angela Wang is a lady boss who turned what is usually a hassle into an easy-breezy solution. 

"This idea started to develop in my head - clothes for an on the go lifestyle," says Angela.  "As time went on, I began traveling more for work and leisure and the idea of a fold-able dress began to solidify, since dresses are an all-in-1 outfit.  Eventually, I prototyped a series of 3 styles and packed them up for a bachelorette weekend party in Vancouver, Canada.  All I brought was a backpack with my 3 Origamei styles folded compactly and efficiently in my pack."

Surprised and amused, Angela's friends were shocked at how she could fit a girls' weekend trip wardrobe into one backpack.  That, my friends, is the beauty of Origamei

The dress has carefully placed seams that make it easy to fold into the clutch.  It took me one try and I got it down pretty nicely.  The dress it turns into is gorgeous!  It is lightweight, comfortable, has a high neck, but shows off a ton of leg.  It's definitely my style and frankly, I never want to take it off. 

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The Origamei dress is so versatile with styling that Angela completed a 100-day charity campaign which began on January 1st, styling the foldable dress in 100 different ways.  Angela was inspired by a Ted X talk on the Uniform Project, where one girl pledged to wear a little black dress for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion.  It spoke to Angela because like Origamei's goals, it too wanted to empower women to achieve greater things.  

"The Origamei dress was created for busy women who are practical when it comes to fashion and believe they are meant to do more in this world," says Angela.  "And I wanted to find a charity that empowered women and girls to achieve more."

Angela connected with the No Means No Worldwide campaign, a global program whose mission is to end sexual violence against women and children.  During the 100 days, Origamei donated $10 of each dress sold to the organization.  They also accepted donations where 100 percent went to the organization.   

"Many of the children the charity reaches out to are girls and boys in 3rd world countries where there is a huge rise in the rape epidemic," explains Angela.  "The story on baby rape was very unsettling to me.  It is unethical and immoral- just wrong, which made me more upset and really led me to choose them."
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Angela is working on more styles for an on the go lifestyle, which will kickoff with a Kickstarter campaign in August, adding more colors for the dress and more styles.  I can't wait. 

"Trends come and go but timeless pieces stay and generate less waste to this world.  Origamei is my leap into the world to show people how to simplify their lives in order to empower them to do more for this world." 

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