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Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

I can’t believe how much it is raining in Los Angeles! I mean, it’s great the drought is officially over, but c’mon! What happened to 75 degrees of beautiful sunshine? One thing is clear though, my wardrobe is definitely not ready for this weather.  We have a downpour for 15 minutes, then the sun comes out and it’s hot again. What’s a girl to do?!


My big ol’ rain jacket wasn’t cutting it… and to be honest, it was killing my outfits.  I needed something I could throw on to keep dry and take off and tuck away when the sun comes out.  Hello, poncho! Nope, not the bright yellow or blue thing you get at Universal Studios before you sit on Jurassic Park, I am talking about stylish patterns and a perfect cut.


November Rain nailed the ultimate rain poncho! Not only does it fold up into a tiny bag you can throw in your purse, the patterns are perfect, too.  I am obsessed with my Desert Rain poncho… talk about a vibe! The ponchos come in vibrant patterns or sleek solid colors. You can’t go wrong and the colors are neutral enough to work with any outfit.  When the downpour started in LA, I grabbed my poncho and it worked with my outfit perfectly. It actually made it cuter and I was sad to take it off when the rain stopped.


The hoodie isn’t tight, which makes it super easy to tuck my hair in.  I also love the zipper closure. I got in that thing so quick and avoided getting soaked.  I also loved it unzipped, but let’s be real, I wasn’t about to get soaked for pics! This LA rain is no joke.   


Even though the November Rain poncho doesn’t have a tight fit, it looks really good on the body.  I’m only 5’5”, so most things have a regular fit on me, but if you’re a leggy supermodel, the ponchos even come in a Tall.. no woman left behind.  The cut is made so no matter your shape, you can rock the heck out of it. The poncho is also waterproof… duh, right? Even though this might seem like an obvious perk, most ponchos are only rain-resistant, so the poncho stays wet for a longer period.


November Rain founder Belinda Coker wanted to do more than keep women dry… she wanted to change the world!  For over 10 years, Belinda has been helping developing countries in Africa and Asia by providing fresh drinking water.  She started November Rain in 2017 in order to help with her cause. She stepped it up a notch and now 10% of all revenue goes toward water bores and sanitation in countries like Malawi and Zambia.  She didn’t want women to have to travel 4 hours just to pick up water for their families because children were dying due to unsafe drinking water. This is Belinda’s incredible mission, and I’m on board.


November Rain also has a gorgeous reusable eco-tote bag. Sure it can be used for groceries and all that fun stuff, but my genius self threw my purse in the bag when the rain started. The tote kept my purse completely dry and the bag actually dried super fast. This baby folded up into a tiny palm-sized pouch and fit in my purse. No more forgetting my grocery bags at home!

“Water should be a human right,

but for some people, it isn't.”

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