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Chocolate Vibes

Chocolate Vibes

I’m not a stress-eater.  I’m not a bored-eater. I’m not even a sad-eater.  I’m a watching TV-eater. If I’m in front of the television, it’s a safe bet that I’m munching on something.  Sometimes it’s so bad, I end up DoorDashing a snack (I know, this is a serious problem). The worst is when I’m watching something suspenseful!  


One of my favorite discoveries is healthy snacks that actually taste good.  Sometimes I need a sweet snack, other times I need savory, and most of the time, I’m craving both.  Good King Snacking Cacao is my new favorite.  


I couldn’t believe how many different flavors the makers came up with.  It’s as if there is a flavor for every mood. Harmony gave me lightly sweet and salty vibes.  Love hit me with delicious warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg… basically the flavors of love.  Strength was all about spice and citrus, and Joy was refreshing and earthy.  


My favorite out of the bunch was Peace.  It gave me such a relaxed feeling with its citrusy and floral vibes.  The Peace cacao is infused with lemon, lavender, and thyme. I’ve never seen or heard of cacao snacks with these types of sophisticated flavor palates.  For a more mixed flavor, I loved the Love Blend and Strength Blend flavors. They both had fruit and different nuts mixed in with the cacao. 


Good King Snacking Cacao comes straight from farming communities.  Co-founder Kim Wilson created the brand to serve its purpose of restoring life.  Working with cacao farming communities in Honduras, Indonesia, and the States, Kim set out to create a snack and better the working conditions of the cacao farmers.  Good King allows women in cocoa farming communities to earn almost 50% more income than fair trade prices. The women are also trained well enough to cross-train. 


Good King snacks lower the risk of heart disease and stroke because of the high-quality organic chocolate.  They also lower blood pressure, reduces stress reactivity in your body, and my favorite part, positively affects facial wrinkles and skin’s elasticity.  So basically, I can eat the delicious organic chocolate, and it’s called self-care. Perfect.  


This isn’t your average store-bought milk chocolate snack.  Snacking Cacao is the real deal.  If you’re a fan of the Trader Joe’s 80% dark chocolate bar, you’re going to love the cacao snacks.  This month is all about self-care and this is how I choose to participate.  

Good King’s vision is to:

Restore esteem to farming as a vocation.  Restore cocoa’s reputation as an indulgent health food.  Restore generosity in the way we do business.

Holistic Hair

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YES to Self-Care

YES to Self-Care