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Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

I’m recently obsessed with Game of Thrones, so yes, this title is definitely a shoutout.  I’m also obsessed with tanning. I can lay out in the sun for hours upon hours waiting for my skin to golden.  But the skin gods said, not so fast, missy… here are some freckles to spice up your life.

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Yep.  I was blessed with freckles so I have to be super careful about being under the sun without any protection.  I find it highly irritating carrying around heavy bottles of sunblock. Then your hands get all oily and you touch the bottle, then the bottle gets oily, then eventually you just chuck the bottle into the bushes.  OK, maybe it’s not that serious, but it can be annoying. This is why I am loving Sunshine On The Go. It was created for people like me who love the sun and hate the responsibility that comes with it.


Sunshine On The Go has sunblock option in small packets that can fit into even the tiniest trendy fanny-pack. Coachella, here we come!! You just open one up and lather it all over.  Once you’re done, you simply toss it in the trash. It’s amazing how much sunblock is in one small packet. Heck, Stagecoach, we’re coming for you, too!

I love the SPF 30+ sunscreen from Sunshine On The Go.  It also doesn’t smell like anything, which doesn’t attract summer bugs.  Take that, mosquitos. Best part is, the ingredients are all natural and contain no parabens, so you don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction. Oh, and it’s eco-friendly and totally vegan… no animal testing here, people.

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The 30+ sunscreen Ready Pack includes 12 packets of sunscreen, and a 1 oz bottle of Natural After Sun Moisturizer.  After hours in the sun, you have to hydrate your skin just like you would your body. The After Sun Moisturizer does exactly that.  

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If you know me, you know I love all things sparkly. Ladies (and gents), if we’re going to Coachella, we are glittering it up!  I think there should be glitter on everything, including my skin. Sunshine On The Go created the most epic sunblock, SunGlitter Princess Natural Blend 30+ Broad Spectrum Shimmering Pink Sparkle Sunscreen.. HELLO!


The Sparkle Sunscreen was sent from the glitter gods to give us the most amount of joy humanly possible.  I put it all over and I was glistening! My inner goddess was out and proud! The details, though… You’re still getting SPF 30+ even with all of the glitter and it’s STILL totally natural.  Sunshine On The Go also has SunGlitter Goddess, which gives you a rose-gold sparkle.

Sunshine On The Go sunblocks contain a natural aloe base, keeping your skin soft and silky, even in hot desert weather. The glitter is biodegradable and plastic free, so no worries about getting it all over… and it comes off super easily with soap and water, if you ever want to take it off.  Just keep reapplying every 2 hours to keep yourself from getting burned by the sun.

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Besides protecting our skin, Sunshine on the Go works with women’s shelters and local agencies to provide care products in times of need.  They donate to hospitals, clinics, and diaper banks to get families what they need during a crisis. A portion of all proceeds also go to Rescue Mission Unlimited, helping children and families.

“At Sunshine On The Go, we’re there for you, wherever you are, keeping your skin safe and healthy, always.”

-Dr. Sharon Buchalter, Founder

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