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Upcycle Fashion

Upcycle Fashion

It’s a bracelet! It’s a necklace! It’s a headband! It’s Dona Bela Shreds!!!  If you didn’t get that reference… nevermind.


I’m loving the headwear from Dona Bela Shreds.  These Bands are so comfortable, but the best part is, you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet, too.  Wearing it as a bracelet gives a sexy, strong vibe, while the necklace gives a laid back, casual-chic vibe, and wearing it in your hair screams fun and flirtatious.  

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With fall in full-swing, except if you’re in Los Angeles, deep earthy tones are a must.  The Bands come in just about every color you can dream of.  They even have game-day Shreds for sports teams and holiday inspired patterns! The various patterns are each unique and come from a good place.

There is about 15 to 20 percent of fabric left over when clothing is created.  That extra bit of fabric ends up in the nation’s landfills, because well, it’s easier and cheaper to dump scraps than to recycle them.  Dona Bela Shreds takes that excess fabrics and creates a useful, fun, and one-of-a-kind fashion accessory.


Each month, Dona Bela Shreds teams up with on non-profit organization like Dress for Success, Delivering Good, WomenStrong, Toys for Tots, and Feeding America, to donate a portion of their proceeds. They like to partner with a different organization for the entire month to provide an opportunity to learn more about the cause and truly make an impact. October is dedicated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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“Our DB Shreds Donate Back program donates a percentage of proceeds each month to selected foundations that inspire the DB SHREDS mission.  We believe that every bit of help makes a difference.”

Dona Bela Shreds can be found at retailers across the nation.

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“We want our customers to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in our accessories. Our fashion accessory line is a way to appreciate yourself, your environment and positively impact our community.”

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