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Comfy Cami for the Planet

Comfy Cami for the Planet

When I am picking out what I sleep in, I want it to feel good and look good, too.  Hey.. you never know if there is an emergency and you have to run out of the house and meet the hunkiest fireman you’ve ever seen.  We have to think realistically here, people!

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The first thing I reach for before bed is my uber-comfy iKotton cami.  It’s made with the softest organically grown and certified cotton, it’s highly breathable, and sits so well on the body.  It’s not one of those camis you have to tug down and pull up every two seconds.

“Each of our designs is cut to highlight the body contours without being restrictive, making sure the garments can stay in shape, and yet not creating too much tension that could distort the body line, or leave red marks on the skin.”

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The iKotton camisole isn’t just great for sleepy-time.  I love it as loungewear because the colors are so cute and the lace detail gives it that extra somethin-somethin.  Have you ever had someone at the door while you’re just lounging and you have to answer it, but you are wearing a tank with no bra, and no one needs to see that. Welp, I’ve let many packages sit on my doorstep, but the iKotton V-neck cami actually has built in bra pads and a front support panel.  YES! If you’re proud of what your momma gave you and don’t need no stinkin’ pads, they’re totally removable, too.

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The iKotton brand also has undies in various styles to match the V-neck or Tank camisoles. I’m loving the Hipster Panties.

“We do not want to offer you a boring cotton brief that looks like a garment you inherited from your granny! Life should be fun and exciting. So we have decorated the briefs with a simple touch of lace to brighten up your day.”

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iKotton uses materials kind to the planet, and they are also a proud member of the 1% for the Planet organization.  This means 1% of what you spend on iKotton will go to fund environmental programs and iKotton’s donations will be certified by 1% for the Planet.  They are committed to providing a great product that’s actually good for you. The iKotton products are great for sensitive skin. No chemicals, no toxic dyes, no harmful pesticides.  

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“We believe in accentuating women’s natural body contours through designs and cuts that need not be restrictive or uncomfortable.”

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