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Be the Spark

Be the Spark

I was in Malibu on a typical Sunday, watching people take photos in front of the gorgeous blue water when all of a sudden, an excitement spread through the air and I stood to see everyone pointing to the ocean. My jaw dropped as we all watched one dolphin after another, jump high into the sky and dive back in, saying hello.  We are generally a bit unappreciative of the beauty of the ocean in LA, with so many beaches nearby, but this sight was truly magical.


I stopped to think about these incredible and sweet animals.  They felt safe enough to come as close to the shore as possible and say hello, but as humans, do we deserve to see them? Every animal in the ocean is endangered and it’s mostly because of what we do as humans.  Let’s take a stand and give these animals their homes back.


Wonder Spark is taking a stand not only for dolphins, but for the other animals, too.  Their Wonders of the Ocean earrings set launches today and features 7 beautiful animals of the sea to help spread ocean awareness.  I love this set because I can switch out my earrings and show my support for a different aquatic animal each day of the week.

I am loving the details and zirconia stones on the earrings. The earrings are 925K sterling silver, so no worries about them rusting.  These earrings aren’t what your 1st grade teacher sported in the 90s accompanied by feathered bangs (you were always gorgeous, Ms. Duncan) although, she definitely could... they’re trendy and dainty.


The starfish is one of my favorites and I can see myself wearing this set almost daily.  The quality zirconia stones add just enough sparkle for me. Starfish are at risk due to disease outbreak in the ocean and warmer water.  Climate change is killing these stunning animals.


The seahorse earrings have a gorgeous yellow stripe to show off the beauty of these fish.  People are actually putting seahorses in danger. The seahorse is now considered to be overfished for international trade.


We’ve all fallen in love with penguins in cartoons, but these sweet animals are starving to death.  They also can’t adjust to the climate change or the warmer weather Antarctica is experiencing. The penguin Wonder Spark earrings are a beautiful way to show your support.  The black dots as eyes seal the deal for me… pun intended.


The shark earring is one of the coolest I have seen.  The swing earrings have the shark with its teeth showing as the main focus and the earring jacket is an ocean wave.  Very clever and very cute. The shark is one of the most well-known endangered species in the ocean. They are victim to shark-finning and being accidentally caught by fishermen.  


The whale earrings are similar to the shark ones, but the stud portion is a heart with beautiful blue stones. The jacket hangs down to a perfectly-sized whale. These are great because you can always wear the hearts separately.  Whales have been victims to ocean pollution for as long as I can remember. The climate change is affecting these mammals, as well.  


The sea turtles are another one of my favorites.  The black spiral and green stone in the middle offers so much detail.  Unfortunately, these innocent sea creatures are being poached for eggs and meat.  


One of the things listed on my bucket list is to swim with dolphins.  I hope I get to do that one day, but unfortunately, these sweet sea animals are dying due to ocean pollution and being accidentally caught by fishermen.  These things can easily stop, and the Wonder Spark earrings are a beautiful way to raise awareness.

“Not just pretty earrings. Made to remind you your role in keeping our oceans beautiful and marine life thrive!”

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