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Golden Views

Golden Views

I probably have about 20-something pairs of sunglasses.  If I like a certain pair, I’ll get them in every color and shape combo imaginable.  Sunglasses always get lost or ruined in the summer -- chlorine lenses, anyone? So I just toss them and get another pair… until I found my Pi. 


I love trying new shapes and when retro styles came back, I was all in!  When style icon John Lennon is the inspiration, it’s a no-brainer. Pi Wear completely nailed this entire vintage vibe. With 8 color combinations to choose from, their perfectly round sunglasses are my go-to for the summer.  

I’m definitely keeping my sunglasses away from the pool.  These babies have a shiny gold rim with beautiful brown lenses that have anti-reflective coating and 100% UV protection, and I’m not risking it.  


The Eyeglasses.com brand is a powerhouse in the sunglass industry.  For every single pair of Pi Wear sunglasses sold, Eyeglasses.com donates funds to fully pay for one eye surgery through the Sankara Eye Foundation.  The brand is helping give vision to those affected by blindness due to cataracts.  


The Sankara Eye Foundation, based in both the US and India, treats blind and visually impaired people, helping them restore their vision.  The brand has completed revamped the one-for-one business model by taking it so many steps further. They fund and perform about 160,000 free eye surgeries in 9 hospitals throughout the country per year.  The Sankara Eye Foundation even provides free housing, food, and transportation for patients, giving them every opportunity to see the world.


India has the largest population of visually-impaired people.  Thankfully, though, with foundations like Sankara Eye and brands like Eyeglasses.com and Pi Wear, 80 percent of the 8-million people who are blind and visually impaired can be cured with proper treatment.  


Eyeglasses.com is also a pioneer when it comes to virtual sites.  I wasn’t sure if the round look would match me, but thankfully, Eyeglasses.com created the Virtual Try On system for eyewear, and I could upload my photo on the website and try on a bunch of different styles.  I fell in love with the golden round frames and had to have it.  

With everything Pi Wear does for society, I wear my sunglasses with pride knowing someone was able to have the surgery needed to see.  I couldn’t imagine life without sight and I wouldn’t want to imagine it for anyone else.  


“While Pi is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter –π in Pi Wear represents the cyclical work that we, as responsible citizens, need to invest into meaningful change. The work is constant but ensures our continued collective success.” - Mark Agnew, founder of Eyeglasses.com

YES to Self-Care

YES to Self-Care

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Tease ’em… One Sip at a Time